Compost Tumblers

180L Draper Compost Tumbler

Take a look at the NEW Draper Compost Tumbler, compost can be ready in just 6 to 8 weeks!

Simply fill the barrel with kitchen scraps/garden waste and tumble every couple of days or as you add to it. The tumbling action mixes the contents and accelerates the composting process.

The 180L capacity barrel is manufactured from durable polypropylene with a turning handle and sits on a sturdy frame. As its suspended off the ground its not susceptible to vermin and ensures that air is circulated and evenly mixed by the tumbling action thus increasing the speed of production so compost is ready to use in just six to eight weeks.

770 x 750 x 750mm

In Stock and available now.

Price £ 99.95 inc. VAT


220L Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler

Why fork, when you can tumble!

Add kitchen and grass waste to the 220 litre Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler, effortlessly spin every two days and the unique tumble action will promote rapid decomposition and compost in just 4 weeks - no forking, turning or lifting!

It's the patented centrally mounted stainless steel breaker bar in the UV treated polypropylene bin that is key for ensuring a speedy and odourless aeration process whilst the galvanised steel legs stabilise the whole assembly.

In Stock and available now.

Price £ 129.95 inc. VAT


315L CompoSphere Rollable Tumbler Composter

A unique, rollable, compost tumbler!

The CompoSphere is by no means conventional - but it certainly makes top quality compost! It is easy but also fun to use and can be rolled around the garden to mix the contents. The more you roll it, the faster you get your compost. Completely safe to use and with a flat-bed so it won't go anywhere when it's resting. As seen in the BBC Garden.

In Stock and available now.

Price £ 69.95 inc. VAT


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