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400L + 600L ThermoQuick Thermal Composters

Decomposes Plant Material to Produce Compost in Just Weeks!

The ThermoQuick Compost Bin will allow you to reap the benefits of recycling from your own backyard. The ThermoQuick composter uses plant material like fruits and vegetables from your kitchen and leaves, clippings or cut grass from your garden or lawn and rapidly decomposes the plant material to produce some of the richest and most natural soil for hydroponics and planting without the need for chemical fertilizers.

The ThermoQuick composter has a rounded shape and is dark in color so it can be discreetly tucked away in the corner of a garden. The dark color helps to absorb the suns heat and the air slots allow clean air to circulate accelerating the process of breaking the plant material down and producing useable compost in weeks. The lid can be adjusted to stay up by itself and the "lid-grabber" hinges hold the lid in place to protect from weather or animals. The doors and vents keep birds and unwanted pests away. Comes with 5 easy to assemble panels for fast set up and a complete set of composting instructions.

Green colour can vary


400: Height: 86cm / Width: 76cm / Depth: 76cm
600: Height: 105cm / Width: 85cm / Depth: 85cm

Available in  400 and 600 Litre varients.

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Therm sizes


Green Johanna Hot Composter

The Green Johanna was developed in Sweden to provide a simple, easy to use compost system to safely compost all degradable kitchen waste all year round!

The well thought out, patented design of Green Johanna means you do not have to know much about composting - with Green Johanna everyone can compost now!

Green Johanna can compost two parts food waste to one part garden waste. All food waste including meat, fish and bones can be put in Green Johanna.

1 x Mixing Stick
4 x Outer Rings
1 x Lid
1 x Base
2 x Doors
1 x Bag of Fixing Screws
1 X Instruction Manual

Food waste composting

To fully appreciate Green Johannas design it helps to consider what is necessary to recycle waste the way nature does. Every year the same natural cycle occurs; leaves, twigs and trees fall to earth, decompose and become food for new plants.

Naturally occurring micro-organisms, bugs and worms, together with oxygen and moisture do all the work. In the process heat is produced.

Some very valuable micro-organisms work at temperatures as high as 65C (150F)! This is 'hot' composting, oxygen in the air is critical to the process.


Height                                   94 cm

Diameter of lid                  54 cm

Diameter of base             82 cm

Weight                                 9.5 kg (10 kg with box)

Volume                                11.4 cu ft/330 litre

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200L HotBin Hot Composter

HOTBIN Composting is a great way to divert from landfill and create great value from all your food and garden waste.

The HOTBIN is a specially insulated 200 litre hot composting bin that will compost all food waste including meat and fish, not just fruit and vegetable peelings. There is less odour and fewer flies to worry about and the clever design makes it less attractive to rats too.

It is designed to help maximise what nature does and bring together the right conditions to make hot composting quick and easy. It works as it can achieve a temperature of between 40-60 C making it up to 32 times faster than traditional composting methods. The higher temperatures along with the effective aeration allows the HOTBIN to effortlessly reduce and recycle a wider variety of food and garden waste into great compost all year round. Each HOTBIN is delivered assembled and can be placed anywhere in your garden.

The HOTBIN has been independently tested by Garden Organic for ease of use, effectiveness and quality of compost produced, confirming that high temperatures can be maintained to provide sanitation of waste, including cooked food.

Using a HOTBIN can help you reverse overnight how much waste you send to landfill and will reward yourself with rich compost quickly.

What you get

- Internal Thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature
- Airtight lid to reduce smells and unwanted visitors
- Aeration valve plate to moderate temperature
- Biofilter unit to stop any unfriendly smells
- Insulated walls to keep it hot to help rapid composting
- Aeration base plate to disperse air within the bin
- Easy to remove hatch door panel to take out mature compost
- How to use guide
- FREE 25 litre bag of bulking agent (composted wood chip) to use if recycling food waste
- FREE internal thermometer for tracking exact temperature in top layer of waste
- FREE raking stick
- FREE winter 'kick start' heater (also known as a 'hot water bottle')
- 3 year guarantee

Hot Bin winner award

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