Bokashi Bran Sawdust (BDUST)

Price from: £ 4.45

In our ongoing attempts to keep prices down and offer the very best value, we have come up with a bokashi activator based on sawdust rather than organic wheat bran.

Sourced locally from untreated and sustainable resources (FSC assured) this clean sawdust goes through exactly the same process of inoculation with EM micro organisms, mixing, fermenting and drying as the bran.

Being less dense than bran it is slightly bulkier and takes up a tad more space Kilo for Kilo (or pound for pound in 'real' money). Pleasant to handle and simple to use it is every bit as effective as bran in the Bokashi composting process.

(*Please note that being a wood based sawdust bokashi bran, unlike wheat bokashi bran it is not suitable as a supplement to chicken feed or other animal feeds).

Because of its fine structure and loose density, this sawdust will rot down itself just as speedily as it's wheat bran 'brother'.

However, as we can source the sawdust cheaper than the bran , we are delighted to be able to off it at a lower price, so why not give it a try?

The Bokashi Bran Sawdust is available in the following sizes

  • 1kg - £4.45
  • 3kg - £11.95
  • 6kg - £19.95
  • 15kg - £49.95
  • 21kg - £67.95
  • Multi buy 4 x 3kg - £44.95
  • Multi buy 5 x 5kg - £79.95

With our continuous Multi buy supply packages, you place one order now and we spread the delivery over the next 12 months, delivering to you at regular intervals.

Get 3kg Bokashi Bran Sawdust delivered every 3 months for a year. Total 12kg. Your first 3kg will be despatched immediately followed by 3kg more at 3 month intervals for the rest of the 12 month period or get 5kg Bokashi Bran Sawdust delivered every 10 weeks. Total 25kg. Your first 5kg will be despatched immediately followed by 5kg more at 10 weekly intervals for the rest of the 12 month period. You will only be charged one £5.95 delivery charge.

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