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Buy a Wormery from the Inventors. 20 years experience selling and providing support to gardeners worldwide.

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Raised Beds

Our extensive range of Raised Beds, Planter Grow Bags, Seedling Kits, Plant Pots & Potato Planters.

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Compost Bins

Composting at home could save you from future fees for green waste collections but more importantly it will produce a rich nutrient compost to grow fruit, vegetables and plants in and it will also help reduce the 80% of waste being sent to landfill.

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Water Butts

Our collection of Standard and Decorative Water Butts, Water Butt Pumps, Water Butt Connectors & Accessories.

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Garden Tools & Accessories

Garden Tools to complete just about any job, Secateurs, Spades, Hand Tools, Wheelbarrow, Weed Suppression and Plant protection.

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Entice all types of British wildlife into your garden with out habitats, feeders and food.

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About Us

We are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of domestic composting and recycling equipment. We invented the word “Wormery” and we are home to the highly accredited and world famous Original, Midi and Junior Wormeries, as well as the newer Tiger Wormery multi-tray Wormery and our quality Rotol and Garden King Compost Convertors. We also retail a range of high-quality Water Butts, rainwater conservation equipment and other home recycling accessories.

Save the environment

Many of our products use a high percentage of recycled materials. For example our Composters are made from 100% recycled plastic and the plastic waste we produce is recycled into new compost bins. 



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Get educated to get started

An Original Wormery is a very simple but highly effective (and environmentally friendly) method of turning dead organic matter (such as cooked and uncooked food and kitchen waste) into a superbly high quality worm cast compost (Vermicompost) and a nutritious liquid feed which you can use in your garden and around your home.

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