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Automatic Plant Watering System - Tray2Grow

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Automatic Plant Watering System - Tray2Grow

Tray2Grow is the completely automated, completely power-free system that offers you five ways to feed and water your plants. Seed trays, small pots, grow bags, micro herbs, and planters, can each be accommodated, making this the most versatile product in the AutoPot range and one of the most versatile irrigation systems period.

Equipped for every eventuality, Tray2Grow includes optional capillary spikes that can be fitted to the inside of the tray. These pierce the underside of a grow bag, allowing you to irrigate the substrate within.

With the spikes removed and capillary matting in place Tray2Grow can take up to four standard sized seed trays, two micro herb trays, any number of bottom-perforated or bio pots, or our capacious 107.5 L / 23.5 gal framed fabric planter. Three guide holes on each side of the tray are provided for garden canes if you’re trellising plants and there are three inset spirit levels to help you ensure everything is 100% horizontal.

Automatic Plant Watering System - Tray2Grow

1x Tray2Grow Tray & Lid
1x AQUAvalve5
2x 9mm Grommet
1m of 9mm Pipe
16-9mm Click-Fit Filter
1x 9mm Golf Filter
1x 6mm Overflow Grommet
3x Circular Spirit Level
10x Capillary Spikes
1x Capillary Matting
1x Root Control Sheet
4x Seed Trays
1x Slug Repellent Copper Tape

1115mm(Length) x 410mm(Width) x 95mm(Depth)

Product Installation / Information Guide

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