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Gardening for World Wellbeing Week

World Wellbeing Week is from 24th until 28th June 2019 and highlights how we focus on ourselves and how we look after out mental and physical health. The awareness week was created to encourage large companies and governments to look at how they promote wellbeing at work and in society. It also attempts to promote efforts from charitable organisations. Gardening and growing plants has recently been heralded as a fantastic way of staying mindful and helping with mental health issues and so, could benefit mental and physical wellbeing.


Urban Gardening

With people in inner cities finding it hard to make ends meet and spaces being cemented over, community groups have taken to gardening to help residents grow their own fruit and veg and create green spaces. Councils in London have given communities the tools to make areas dedicated to working together and providing food. These initiatives not only bring people together but also help the air quality, reduce flooding and support biodiversity. They have seen great successes in area such as Lambeth and Brixton.


Adding green spaces to urbanised areas can also help with depression and anxiety. Many of us now live in rather built-up areas and can find it hard to grow our own fruit and veg, let alone plants and trees. If you live in accommodation with no garden and limited space, size and practicality are key. Window planters for herbs and succulents will add a hint of green and will break your view up. If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, you could invest in a balcony planter. With both window and balcony planters, you could grow your own fruit and vegetables, which could help your purse strings, too. Many of us live near allotments and they can be inexpensive to rent. These spaces are perfect for growing food, if you’re just getting started or need extra tools to expand your project, we have a large area dedicated to growing your own fruit and veg that could help you.

Gardening and the NHS

A garden can be like a sanctuary for the mind. The NHS have taken advantage of this and have started gardening initiatives centered at aiming to help with certain mental health issues such as stress around the country. Working hard on a plot can be rather therapeutic and the results are easy to see. Fruit, vegetables and beautiful flowers can bloom quickly if a project is started properly and with the right guidance. The blend of physical and mental activity that gardening commands can be the best therapy for some. The transformation of bare patch to working garden could be perfect for anyone needing to employ some mindfulness to their lives.


As we are entering the month of July, plants and food plants can grow quicker than in other months which can feel more rewarding. In addition, the physical aspect to digging and planting could center the mind and improve physical health. Try to plant flowers that attract butterflies and bees, knowing that you’re helping the environment around you will give you a great sense of purpose and watching these insects is extremely pleasing. Gardening in summer months is great way of bonding with family and friends, as well. See if you can connect with others on a project and make it fun.

Even if you do not suffer from mental health issues, gardening can help with overall wellbeing and when you love your environment, you feel better. With the NHS rolling out ‘prescription gardening’, it is little wonder that there is attention towards gardening over Wellbeing Week. Although, it’s not just mental health that is benefitted from gardening, physical health from the labour involved in gardening and digestive health from consuming organic vegetables and fruit are also impacted. Creating green spaces in urbanised areas can also help reduce flooding, bio emissions and air quality. Issues that affect all of us.

To find out more about starting a gardening project, explore our website https://www.originalorganics.co.uk/

National Children’s Gardening Week

National Children’s Gardening Week

It is National Children’s Gardening Week from 25th May-2nd June 2019 and to help you join in the fun, here are some ideas to get little ones exploring and learning in the great outdoors.

Bug Hotel

This can be made on a large or small scale and is great way of recycling dry waste. For a large-scale bug hotel, gather 3 or 4 wooden pallets and stack them on top of each other. Make sure there is space between each ‘floor’. Have little ones gather twigs, bamboo canes, pine cones, grass and any other natural waste. Place and stuff the materials into the holes so that some is hanging out, this will help bugs and insects crawl in. If you want to, pop some plants or turf on top of the pallet to make sure this hotel gets 5 stars!

For a smaller option, take the ends off tin cans or plastic water bottles, fill them up with sticks, twigs, grass etc and wrap some twine around them so they can hang up. Alternatively, you can leave them on the floor near plants to get crawlies that need a rest.

Check in your guests every so often and ensure they are having a lovely stay. Kid’s love creepy crawlies and this could be a prime chance to teach them about the importance of them.

bug hotel

Recycle some wellies

Children can grow rather fast and we can feel conscious of our waste when chucking out old clothes and shoes. So turn those old wellies into something fun! Due to the materials they are made from, most wellies are waterproof on the outside and are pretty resilient, this makes them a perfect place to plant flowers in! Drill a couple of small holes into the bottom of each boot for drainage and fill up the boot with compost and soil. You could replant some growing flowers or sow some seeds in the top. Why not also paint them fun colours to extend playtime!

Make a terrarium

This project will be great for older kids and younger ones alike. If you have any old jars or glass bowls, line them with pebbles, stones (great if you have any leftover decorative aggregates from another project!) or broken crockery. This will help with soil drainage. Then fill ¼ of the jar with potting soil and a few more decorative stones. Cactuses and succulents work well for this so pop one or two into the habitat (depending on space). Also, these types of plants need less attention, great if the small person wants it in their bedroom!

Old Junk Garden

Like the wellie project, this is good for old waste such as old bread bins, sets of drawers and unused bins. Drill holes into the bottoms of the new planters to allow for drainage and pop some plants in the way you normally would. You can arrange this ‘junk’ to be its own little area in the garden and like the wellies, you could paint them and really bring it all to life.

picture planting

Pond Life

If you have a pond or a water feature, the chances are it will require a clean and any fish you have will need to be checked on. Take this opportunity to involved younger and older children to get involved and learn about the environment they live in. If you’re thinking of introducing fish to your pond, have the kids pick the fish and make them feel part of the process.

landscape childrens gardening

We have so much more on our website for children including growing kits made for kids and garden games for when the sun is out. For nature orientated little ones, we have a large range of wildlife food and bird care, you could encourage them to make notes and keep up to date with the animals that visit the garden. If your space is limited, we have these balcony planters in stock.

Explore our gardening range on Original Organics.

Top 5 Trends from Chelsea Flower Show for 2019

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show has been one of the most prestigious flower shows in the world since its inception in 1912. A trend setter known for some rather avant-garde displays, the show champions fashion and beauty in the horticultural world and this year was no exception.

Take a read through the top 5 themes and trends that ran through this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show:


One of the main themes in this year’s show was that of sustainability and finding eco-friendly ways of living. With our environment being the hot topic in the media, many of the displays were either made from eco-friendly resources or were built to raise awareness. Birmingham City Council’s garden named ‘Floella’s Future’ was designed in honour of Baroness Floella Benjamin OBE and touched upon five themes, community, waste reduction, sustainability, clean air and water conservation. It was punctuated by a large head sculpture made of tubes shown drinking from a straw, a take on one of the biggest issues surrounding the environment now. An electric truck from the fifties (something we didn’t realise was possible in the fifties!) and a greenhouse made from recycled plastic bottles was sown in to the display.

Want to make your first move into sustainable living? Why not grow your own veg and herbs? Explore our ‘Grow Your Own’ section

floella yourgreenaction

(picture @yourgreenaction)

Go Wild

Woodland areas and children getting out into the great outdoors was a theme in a few displays. The Duchess of Cambridge’s feature garden was one of the central stories in the news and at the show. Championing outdoor play for kids and creating childhood memories, this display featured a treehouse, rustic den, swing seat and a campfire and was built inside a wooded area.


(picture @RE_DailyMail)

The Resilience Garden by Sarah Eberle explored how forests and gardens can be made resilient to climate change. It was built to celebrate the Forestry Commission’s centenary and showcased different terrains and 140 different flowers. Nestled in amongst this display was a Ginko tree, a resilient tree that withstood the impact of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, a true testament to nature surviving despite human influences. This garden won two awards; a gold medal and a ‘Best Construction Award’.


(picture @fungifrolics)

Take a look at our wooden composters to carry on this woodland and resilience of nature theme and stay tuned as we will be introducing some amazing new items for children to our site soon.

Heavy Metal

As exhibitors moved away from using plastics this year, metals and products made from natural materials were part of most displays. The Silent Pool Gin garden was no exception. Not only did they create a display that create environmentally friendly electricity by using microbial fuel cells in the garden’s ‘flowerbed’ roof, but they used beautiful metal copper and rust coloured planters, chair, shelf and water feature. This garden won a ‘Silver Gilt’ medal.

Explore our on-trend and exquisite rust coloured items


(picture @silentpoolgin)

Let It Grow

Gone are the days of perfectly trimmed shrubs and shaped bushes. This year was awash with meadow style displays and charming wild gardens. The Savills and David Harber Garden (Bronze Medal Winner) married the woodland, sustainable and wild growth trends together. The air purifying wetland area and serene design made for a refreshing take on the usual Chelsea exhibition of trimmed topiary and harsh lines. Gardens like these may be the way forward as we become more aware of the need for wild flowers for bees and other pollinating insects.

The encourage wild flowers to grow tall, you’ll need a good watering system, we have a comprehensive selection to help you


(picture @Savills)


Encouraging wild flowers and loosening the reigns on design, some exhibitors clashed their colours with gusto. Doing away with conformity, displays such as the pictured from Montessori Centre International (Gold medal Winner) saw reds, purples, pinks and oranges all bustled together. Compositions were kept colourful and anarchic but somehow, it all fit together. With fashion favouring the bold, this uplifting display kept visitors on their toes.

We have some fantastically colourful water butts, to start your kaleidoscopic journey


(picture @Culturalcomms)


We have a great selection of solutions for sustainable living and gardening, explore our products on Original Organics

Who needs the gym? Lose weight in the garden.

As our lives become busier, we look for more ways to make the most of our time. Large numbers of us get our shopping delivered to home and drive to work so we are outsourcing a lot of the tasks we used to do ourselves and missing out on valuable daily exercise. Many of us are time poor due to work or family commitments and may find it hard to make time for the gym or to go for a run. So how can we get that much needed physical activity and make the most of our time? Gardening could be the answer.

With most tasks in the garden burning over 200 calories an hour, this could be the perfect solution to being double productive with your time.

According to MyFitnessPal;

    • An 11 stone person raking the lawn for 30 minutes burns 136 calories


    • An 11 stone person taking part in general gardening for 60 minutes burns 272 calories


    • An 11 stone person shovelling dirt/compost for 60 minutes burns 422 calories!

Also, Web MD states that raking and bagging leaves can burn 350-400 calories an hour and mowing the lawn burns 250-300 calories an hour. These activities are necessities for garden upkeep and can be done all year round so are usually done regularly.

woman using wheelbarrow

If you want to boost these activities and burn even more calories another options would be to invest in a push lawnmower – not only is it better for the environment but you will get even fitter. Plus, the push-pull movement is great for your upper arm muscles, getting you toned at the same time!

Why not bring your plants to your garden from the car one by one instead of using a wheelbarrow? You could even try to get each one to the garden quicker than the next by racing yourself (or the kids) and you will use more steps and get more cardio exercise this way. Using hedge shears instead of an automatic hedge trimmer will not only burn calories but will also use all important back and core muscles.  If you find it hard to kneel for too long but still want the exercise we have a great range of kneelers and planters that are at a higher level so that you can save your back and knees.

Make the most of your time by doubling exercise with gardening and help weed away any stresses! Gardening is also said to help with stress, depression and anxiety as it is physical, and you can literally see your project grow. So, help your mental and physical health by getting out into the garden – let’s just hope the weather stays clear!

Start your garden project today at Original Organics

International Compost Awareness Week 2019

International Compost Awareness Week is a significant event in the calendars of a lot of gardeners and allotment connoisseurs.  This year it runs from Sunday 5th May to Saturday 10th May 2019.  It was set up to boost awareness to the natural and exciting world of composting and this year it is even more significant. The media has been rife with programs detailing the issues affecting our planet and people are thinking about eco-friendly approaches and their carbon footprint. As we are more conscious of our impact on the planet, it could be a great time to start considering composting at home.

Composting is a cheap and environmentally friendly way of feeding your garden naturally and can help reduce the release of nitrous oxide. Currently, most UK councils take your food waste away, but this can prove exhaustive and uses fuel to collect. If most of the people in your neighbourhood composted imagine how you could reduce emissions! In addition to the eco-friendly aspect, composting is a great project for the whole family. Kids can get involved and learn so much about gardening and the environment, maybe they will grow up to cultivate their own patch! It also provides a fantastic foundation for growing your own veg and herbs which could cut your food bills.

Green Composting Waste

If you haven’t already started to use your garden and food waste to feed your plants, browse some of our articles on composting to find out how you can get started.  A good one to get you started is ‘How composting can help your garden and your bank account’.  We also have books on composting to help you.

Or if you want to take a more practical approach, look through some of our best compost bins and accessories for beginners:



Already a dab hand at composting? Have you considered adding a wormery to your gardening arsenal? It is the perfect add-on to a thriving garden. We have a large range of wormery’s and we have a Wormery FAQ area if you need some help setting up.

Alternatively, have you given Bokashi composting a whirl? Check out another level of composting here with our Bokashi bins and buckets.

Happy composting!

Easter Essentials: Don’t Miss Out on Yours!

Easter is an annual festival that takes places on a different weekend each year.  Why?  The short answer is because the date is determined by a complex set of calculations that are based on the observations of the moon, meaning this annual festival can occur any time between March 22nd and April 25th.

Based on this formula, it means Easter 2019 falls about as late as it possibly could with Good Friday occurring on Friday, April 19th and Easter Sunday in the diary on April 21st.  You’d have to go back nearly 20 years to the year 2000 to find an Easter in the Gregorian calendar so late with Easter Sunday falling on April 23rd that year.

One thing that always stays the same is your ability to get a great deal on Original Organics which is why we’ve launched an Easter Flash Sale, complete with all your Easter Essentials! And you don’t need chocolate eggs and hot cross buns to have a good Easter.

In case you didn’t know already, we’re giving you £10 off when you spend £80 or more with the code Easter19 which you can redeem at the checkout and is valid on all products on our website including our Easter Essentials range.


Here’s a rundown of our Top 10 Easter Essentials for 2019

4 Tray Standard Tiger Wormery Green

4 Tray Standard Tiger Wormery Green

Our popular 4 tray standard green wormery will help you to transform everyday food waste into rich compost for your garden!  This wormery includes worms or a worm voucher, lime mix and coir bedding.

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The Original Wormery Composter

Original Wormery

This best-selling Wormery allows to collect, store and produce rich worm compost all in the same place and includes worm bedding, brass aeration vents, a drainage system, lime mix, worms and coir bedding. It’s also sealed so it can be kept indoors or outdoors!

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190L Heavy Duty Trunk on Wheels190L Storage Box

If you’re at a loose end over the weekend, it could be an opportunity to tidy up your shed or do some sorting out. A good old spring clean could be on the cards, so why not make use of this 190L Heavy Duty Trunk on Wheels which has a generous capacity and is easily movable.

BUY NOW FOR £31.00


Flora & Fauna Indoor Watering Can

Flora Watering CanKeep your indoor plants hydrated with this stylish and classy Flora & Fauna Indoor Watering Can which can hold up to a litre of water. Made from galvanised steel, the watering can is very durable and hard-wearing and comes complete with a beautiful design too!

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300L Rotol Compost Converter

300L Rotol ComposterThe 300L Rotol Compost Converter is good for the environment on two levels – firstly, it’s made from recycled plastic and secondly, it allows you to convert your household and garden waste into compost. It’s also an amazingly low price.

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Large Metal Butterfly Orange and Black Garden Ornament

This metal butterfly is as easy on the eye as a real one. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use meaning you can hang it on your living room wall or put in the garden to accompany your plants and produce!Metal ButterflyBUY NOW FOR £7.00

300L Lanzarote Water Butt with Stand

300L Lanzarote Water ButtThis 300L water butt will look great in your garden and boasts features such as a childproof lock, tap and, of course, a stand. Made from 100% recycled material, it will be an asset to your outdoor space.

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What is the best UK Flower Show?

There are hundreds of different Flower Shows to visit all around the country every year in the UK, put on by several different charities and sponsors, and all of which look absolutely spectacular.

Some of the shows have been in existence for over 100 years whilst others are much newer but all of which attract thousands of visitors every year in an attempt to win people over in the upkeep and development of these gardens as well as helping people understand how to improve their own gardens at home.

We have put together a list of the top 5 flower shows in the UK.  Tickets are available for each show by following the links.  Alternatively, you can enter our competition to win 3 pairs of tickets to one of these shows by signing up to our GM8 Group newsletter by 31st March 2019.  And not only will you have a chance to win but you will also receive industry news, garden insights and seasonal tips from us in our weekly newsletter.

RHS flower show

Source:  www.prabhuventures.co.uk


The Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower Show is the most well-known flower show in the UK and arguably across the world too.  It is held in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in South West London and has been long established dating back to 1912.  The show attracts over 150,000 visitors somewhere between mid to late May every year and the British Royal Family can always be seen there along with several A-list celebrities.

The show is also put on by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), the UK’s leading gardening charity.  The RHS encourages people to attend all its flower shows throughout the year in a bid to convey the benefits of gardening to people across the world whilst trying to source funding to help grow and develop new art and science centres and the practice of gardening itself.

New plants are often revealed in a number of beautifully crafted show gardens and many new trends take effect thereafter, creating huge PR in the process.  Despite the show being one of the most famous, it can sometimes be tricky to walk around at your own leisure due to the enormous footfall it receives, which makes the show a bit touristy and less about the content of the show.

Non-members can attend the show from the third day with all-day tickets starting from £67.  Tickets can be bought here.

Show Dates:  Tuesday 21st – Saturday 25th May 2019


Harrogate Flower Show

flower show

Source:   https://www.flowershow.org.uk 

The Harrogate Spring Flower Show is an event located at the Great Yorkshire Showground in the beautiful town of Harrogate, about 15 miles north of Leeds in Northern England.  Like Chelsea, it is sponsored by another gardening charity, that of the North of England Horticultural Society (NEHS) and is run twice a year; once in late April and again in mid-September.

The show itself welcomes some of the UK’s up-and-coming garden designers and landscapers, featuring some of their work whilst also putting on a range of exciting shows is hugely appreciated by all its visitors.  Some of the other things to look out for are the Floral Pavillion, the Plant Nursery Pavillion and the Grow! Garden Theatre which features expert talks and advice from some of the garden industries leader contributors.

Show Dates:  Thursday 25th – Sunday 28th April 2019


Blenheim Flower Show

The Blenheim Flower Show is a day event held in the stunning grounds of Blenheim Palace in Woodstock in Oxfordshire somewhere between the middle to the end of June.  The show is a celebration of lifestyle and exploring the great outdoors and despite the fact it is only in its 7th year which when compared to the Chelsea Flower Show and Harrogate Flower Show that have existed for over 100 years is nothing at all, it is still widely regarded as one of the shows not to be missed.

The show features some of the UK’s finest nurseries and plantsman competing to win various awards whilst the Grand Floral Pavillion is the focal point for attendees to the show.  There is a shopping village which has an array of market stalls selling various beautiful gardening sundries including gazebos, greenhouses and various luxury goods too.

Adult tickets to the Flower Show cost £15 in advance or £17 on the day whilst tickets to Blenheim Palace as well cost an additional £10.  Tickets can be bought here.

Show Dates:  Friday 21st – Sunday 23rd June 2019


Tatton Flower Show

The Tatton Flower Show is another RHS funded event usually available in mid-July and is situated in Knutsford, 20 minutes south west of Manchester Airport.

The show is another fabulous celebration of gardening at its best with flower displays and garden attractions that keep people queueing through the door throughout the day.  There is constant advice by industry experts who can offer advice from growing vegetables at home to using your garden ingredients to cook some tasty meals whilst there are a number of boutiques surrounded by live music and entertainment.  The show is a fantastic all-round day of fun and teaches those started out in gardening to the others who have been enjoying gardening for decades.

Tickets are available to non-members from the second day at £34 on the day or £28 if bought in advance here.

Show Dates:  Wednesday 17th – Sunday 21st July 2019


RHS Chatsworth Flower Show

Chatsworth House is located in the Derbyshire Dales, east of the Peak District and south of Sheffield.  Chatsworth is home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, or more commonly known as the Cavendish family since 1549.  The Chatsworth garden attract over 300,000 visitors each year in its magnificent setting and the Flower Show is usually run over the first of second weekend of June.

The Chatsworth grounds are approximately 21 hectares (which are equivalent to 26 football pitches) and therefore you can only start to imagine the scale at which the flower show is accessible.  For example, the raised beds in the Great Conservatory feature more than 6,000 plants and 30 hefty trees – which when you compare them to Original Organics’ raised beds at 1.5metres long they are simply in a different world.  The show also features more inspirational and thought-provoking Show Gardens, brimming full of innovative ideas and which have been put together in a matter of days.

Tickets for the show can be purchased here for £34 in advance.

Show Dates:  Wednesday 5th – Saturday 9th June 2019

raised beds RHS








Source:  https://www.rhs.org.uk/shows-events/rhs-chatsworth-flower-show/news/2018/show-highlights 



To say which Flower Show is best is very subjective as everyone has their own opinion on what makes it ‘the best’.  The Chelsea Flower Show is certainly the most frequented and has the highest worldwide recognition, so it has a case there.  However, our favourite is the Harrogate Flower Show as the whole show experience was magnificent.

Whichever show is your favourite, you can purchase the tickets to each show using the links above – with prices ranging from £15 up to £67 depending on the show you are interested in.

Alternatively, you can enter our competition to win 3 pairs of tickets to one of these shows by signing up to our GM8 Group newsletter by 31st March 2019.  And not only will you have a chance to win but you will also receive industry news, garden insights and seasonal tips from us in our weekly newsletter.

So what are you waiting for, sign up and win today.



Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The origins of Mother’s Day came from a lady called Ann Reeves Jarvis who felt that celebrations of mothers and motherhood should be celebrated.  Her intention was not to make it the commercialised day that it is today, but she certainly made her mark with a very important day that reminds us how important our mum is to us.

Given how much our mums do for us over the course of the year, celebrating this day is certainly no hardship and the notion of giving presents should be one of appreciation rather than necessity.

With that in mind we’ve put together a list of our Top 10 Mother’s Day gifts for Mother’s Day 2019 which falls on the last day of March.


    1. Flora and Fauna Compact Umbrella

Flora and Fauna Compact UmbrellaA perfect Mother’s Day gift ahead of the April Showers, this Flora and Fauna Compact Umbrella will be a great purchase in time for March 31st. With its beautiful and vibrant design, it’ll brighten up your mum’s day and provide efficient protection from torrential rain. Its dimensions also mean it can be easily folded away and transported around, making it compact and portable!

BUY NOW FOR £14.99


2. British Bloom - Pruner & Holster

British Bloom - Pruner & Holster

Another great choice for Mother’s Day, this British Bloom – Pruner & Holster is a superb gift set for a mum who loves their garden and wants to carry out pruning jobs with ease and confidence. With its attractive presentation box and durable and portable design, this pruner and holster will be an ideal and extra special present!

BUY NOW FOR £19.99


3. Knee Pad Berry

Knee pad berryGardening doesn’t have to be painful and this Knee Pad is made from shock-absorbing EVA foam and soft memory foam to make kneeling down for those outdoor jobs as comfortable as possible. These pads come in seven other colours and the material they’re made from is durable and weather-resistant. This is a simple, yet incredibly useful item for a mum who’s a gardening enthusiast!

BUY NOW FOR £14.99


4. Egg Planter 35cm – Charcoal

Egg Planter 35cm – Charcoal

Garden enthusiasts can give their patio, lawn or even their front porch the edge with this Egg Planter 35cm – Charcoal. This durable planter will look the part in a modern garden and has an excellent stone effect finish. Have a go at growing various types of plants or flowers all year round with this planter!

BUY NOW FOR £13.99



5. 4-Tray Standard Tiger Wormery Terracotta

4 Tray Standard Tiger Wormery Terracotta

Our 4 Tray Standard Tiger Wormery Terracotta is a superb way to give kitchen waste a new lease of life as it transforms it into rich and organic compost for your garden using Tiger worms! This wormery will make for a superb gift, especially for eco-friendly mums, and each one includes worms or a worm voucher, lime mix and coir bedding to help the worms settle into their new environment.



6. Flora & Fauna Indoor Watering Can

Flora & Fauna Indoor Watering Can

Keep plants and herbs hydrated with this Flora & Fauna Indoor Watering Can which will also make for a perfect Mother’s Day gift. With its elegant design and ability to hold up to a litre of water, this watering can is a must-have item for any gardener or garden enthusiast and is durable and hard wearing, meaning its ready to give years of good service!

BUY NOW FOR £16.99


7. Herb Pots Leather Handled Tray – Charcoal

Herb Pots Leather Handled Tray – Charcoal

Herbs are great for many culinary creations and if your mum is a basil buff, an oregano oracle or a parsley professional, this set of Herb Pots Leather Handled Tray – Charcoal will be a welcome addition as well as an inspired present. These premium pots are made from beautifully-moulded steel and include pre-written and blank labels so the herbs will always be identifiable!

BUY NOW FOR £18.99


8. Solar Powered Duck Garden Ornament

Solar Powered Duck Garden Ornament

With its ability to look great in the garden both during the day and at night, this Solar Powered Duck Garden Ornament will light up your outdoor space effortlessly. This metal duck is attractive in natural daylight and becomes a glowing centrepiece when it’s dark and is a great gift for a mum who wants to make a simple and creative animal-themed addition to their garden!

BUY NOW FOR £32.50


9. Blackdown Beehive Wooden Composter - 4 Tier – DIY

Blackdown Beehive Wooden Composter - 4 Tier – DIY

If you’re after a compost converter that will be a fantastic fit for your garden, then this Blackdown Beehive Wooden Composter – 4 Tier – DIY will be a strong candidate! If your mum is a compost connoisseur, then this product is a great way to help the environment. The composter is pressure treated with a natural timber finish and you can also see our full range on Original Organics!

BUY NOW FOR £139.99


10. Flora and Fauna Trowel and Secateurs

Flora and Fauna Trowel and Secateurs

Gardening gifts are always a good bet for Mother’s Day and these Flora and Fauna Trowel and Secateurs are some of the classiest garden tools around. They’re made from high carbon steel for sharpness and come complete with alloy handles to ensure comfortable and easy grip when carrying out your jobs. They also have a superb finishing touch by way of a beautiful presentation box.

BUY NOW FOR £24.99


Don’t worry if you have found inspiration from any of these Mother’s Day Gifts.  We’ve got hundreds more ideas for mum presents in our Original Organics online range to help you find something that will make her feel really appreciated, exactly like she should.

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Why is winter pruning beneficial to both you and your plants

Pruning your plants effectively can give them the best opportunity for growth in the following months.  What you’re trying to achieve when you prune your plants will differ depending on what kind of plant it is, however the overall purpose is to control the direction of growth and to promote your plant’s health.

The time that a plant flowers or bears fruit will influence when the most suitable time to prune it is, but for the majority of garden plants winter is the best time to get it done. To name a few, you would want to focus on deciduous trees and shrubs, apple and pear trees, autumn flowering plants and flower bushes such as roses and wisteria.

There are several reasons why winter pruning is beneficial to you and your plants:


  1. Plant Happiness

Like humans, plants feel pain when they are picked at, and because most plants remain dormant during winter, pruning them whilst they are dormant will help them prosper when they start to grow again. Minimising the stress to the plant will allow you to be more aggressive with your strategy and make larger cuts where necessary to prevent things like rubbing branches.

You’ll want to use dormant pruning techniques on overgrown plants so that the plant can have new and healthy growth. This is usually referred to as “thinning” which is great because it allows more light and air to the core of the plant.

Another important thing to note is that sap isn’t active in certain plants during the winter, so the cuts you make are less likely to cause “bleeding”.


  1. Safety

Winter trees can potentially be dangerous, especially when they have heavy snow or ice weighing on their branches. By pruning out any branches that may have been weakened by disease or rot, you can make your garden a safer place to be.


  1. Increased visibility

During the winter we all notice that most of the leaves and flowers have fallen away from the branches of our trees and plants. This is advantageous when it comes to pruning because it allows you to see the “skeleton” of plants. With this increased visibility you can be sure that you won’t make any critical cuts to major branches and it will decrease the amount of time that it takes you to get the job done.


  1. Prevents disease

One thing that the fallen winter leaves will also allow you to do better, is identify diseased branches that could potentially be harmful to the rest of your plant. By pruning out these branches during the winter period you reduce the risk of the disease spreading because the fungi is not active like it would be during the Spring or Summer.


  1. Summer bloom

Pruning in the summer can sometimes be problematic because the young and new branches that you will leave exposed may not make it through the coldest parts of winter because they haven’t had the time to fully develop. That’s why it’s best to leave it until just after the coldest part of winter has passed – although with the UK weather it is sometimes hard to know! You can then give your plants ample time to grow for the start of a beautiful bloom in the Summer.


Putting your work into action

In order to put our suggestions to work and prune effectively, it is worth noting that there are different kinds of pruners for different purposes. The main types are Anvil pruners and Bypass pruners.

i)  Anvil Pruners

Anvil pruners are great for removing dead wood and dying branches. They make a really clean cut by using a singular blade that passes through the branch with ease and is then stopped by a flat side, almost like a knife to a cutting board.

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ii)  Bypass Pruners

You’re going to want to use this tool for most of your pruning tasks. The blade on the bypass pruners works much more like a pair of scissors whereby two blades pass each other. This motion is much gentler for the plant and will cause almost no damage or trauma to the branch.

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Pruning your plants is key to ensuring that they grow healthily and preventing the spread of disease. At Original Organics we have a wide range of pruners and a huge range of garden tools for all your garden jobs so check out our products today and get your plants feeling healthy and ready for Spring.

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How The Visual Arts Create An Oasis At Home

There are few things as pleasant as an environment that has been carefully laid out with handpicked items such as canvasses and sculptures. In the UK, spending money on arts and culture provides a terrific gross value of £7.7 billion and is a great boost to the economy. Providing households with diverse items means taking stock of empty spaces and filling them with items you love. Whether this is adding touches to the landscape or filling up empty walls, the right item goes a long way.

Tiny Patios And Mini Courtyards With Pizzazz

A tiny patio is often one of the most underutilized spaces as homeowners don’t quite know how to use the space to their advantage. One of the best ways to treat the space is not to be afraid of being bold. The use of colours, mirrors, and specially designed furniture will take the space to a whole new level. Another smart idea is to create a focal point such as an elaborate design on the floor or a carefully placed water feature. Finishing touches should include adequate lighting and also carefully placed potted plants or creepers to add to the natural ambience.

Wall Treatments That Inspire

One of the best things about treating a vertical space to some visual interest is that it’s no longer only paintings and photographs in traditional frames that go. Instead, pair these up with interesting wall treatments such as rustic frame doors or interesting crafted items specifically designed for walls. Walls also happen to be the perfect backdrop for hanging plants and creeper vines especially when the lighting is done right.

The walls are often also the best showcase of personal talents and there’s nothing quite like a hand-drawn sketch or self-portrait to bring some personality to a space. Personal mementos and memorabilia from holidays or overseas trips also tend to add flavour while also serving as great conversation starters. Those who have large cavernous spaces who wish to add their own personal stamp on it, can opt for a larger-than-life mural with a modern twist as they project an image onto the wall, resize it to the desired size, and then paint along the outlines.

Lighten Up Dead Spaces Indoors

Forgotten corners and dead spaces that serve no purpose or have no function can often pull the ambience of a room right down. Spaces that are particularly difficult to use include areas that are under a very low ceiling, spaces under stairs, and even open spaces in large, galley-like rooms. While the go-to seems to default to additional storage, these spaces can also be used to provide the ideal spot for interesting sculptures that have a story to tell, bonsai or other small plant collections, and more. To get the best out of these areas, they should be well-lit in order to make the items on display more prominent.

A small investment in interesting items and good lighting can brighten up any area. A home should be a comfortable abode and it’s often these items that help it get there.

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