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A Natural Fruit Tree Fertiliser You Can Make Yourself

In Britain 54% of people grow their own produce in their gardens or allotments. Keeping fruit trees will give you a delicious crop in the summer, and they are easy to keep - however, they do need feeding. Fruit trees prefer organic and natural fertilisers. If you feed them at the right time, they will produce far more fruit, that will be delicious to taste.  Bearing in mind that trees take their nutrients from the soil, it makes no sense giving them a chemical fertiliser as it can affect the taste of the fruit. Instead here is a great, natural tree fertiliser that you can make at home, costs nothing, and works brilliantly.

What do fruit trees need?

Fruit trees need the right nutrients in order to flower and produce a good crop. They prefer a fertiliser that is very rich in nitrogen. For every year that they age, they need 0.10 pounds of nitrogen. If they have all the nutrients that they need, then they will grow better. It also helps to use a good, organic compost.

When should I fertilise?

There is a right and wrong time to fertilise your fruit trees. If you want an abundant harvest, the perfect time is just before bud break in spring, certainly before you prune your trees. At this time, the tree is starting it's growth cycle and consume the most nutrients from the soil. The window of opportunity for looking after your tree is there until June. You should never fertilise fruit trees in late summer and fall, because if the tree develops new growth in this time, it could be easily damaged by the frost. What you can do however is mulch them with a good compost to help protect them over the winter.

Making a natural fertiliser

A natural fertiliser is an easy process. Fill a bucket with as many comfrey leaves as you can. Comfrey is an abundant and quick-growing plant, that loves shade. It is often found down the end of people’s gardens, or growing under trees. You can also use stinging nettles, a weed that we normally try and get rid of. Top the bucket up with water and leave covered for a couple of weeks. You can always top this up with water if it evaporates too quickly in the hot weather. Use this fertiliser as a concentrate, feeding your tree every couple of weeks. You should mix it with water 1 part fertiliser to 5 parts water. 1 litre of fertiliser is plenty for each tree If you give your tree too much, you will notice it grows more leaves and shoots, but very little fruit.

Fruit trees will thrive with this natural fertiliser. There are no chemicals, so your fruit should taste even better.

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