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Can an Ai robot do your garden landscaping?

Verdie uses artificial intelligence to automate landscaping by Electric Sheep Robotics

Electric sheep is an Ai and robotics company specialising in landscaping operations. With multiple adaptations and attachments, the landscaping robots can scale from small to large projects.

The robotics company initially focussed on their electric mowing robots called RAMs. These utilitarian machines focussed on one job to map out a location and maintain the grass autonomously. 

What does the Electric Sheep do?

Each robot uses Ai processing to develop a map of an area, highlight the operational zones, and predict when and for how long to operate on certain areas both short and long term. Mowing, trimming, edging, blowing leaves etc. 

Does the Electric Sheep play well with others?

RAMs integrate symbiotically with the system. On a large-scale plot you could send out multiple RAMs to cover the mowing of a large plot whilst the Electric Sheep manages the trimming and edging of the same area dynamically. 

Continuously learning, adapting and developing the system can optimise its operations to your land.

The company currently operates 40 RAM mowers in the US and is looking to launch Verdie early 2024 to both commercial and residential users. Yes, the future is here and it's working for you, not terminating your existence (Skynet). 

You can view the Verdie in action here...

Sadly we don't stock the Verdie, yet. But for all your garden maintenence needs we are still here to help.



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