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Here’s Looking At Sustainable Gardening That Weathers Even This Current Heatwave

The June-July Heatwave of 2018 is one of the longest and most intense heatwaves Britain’s had to face in five years. While the population flocks to coastal regions to make the most of sunbathing and cool waves, the gardens are in disarray as water restrictions loom. With water an integral part of maintaining a garden, there are ways to still keep it lush.

Implement Water Planning Before The Drought Hits

A water butt is one of the handiest ways to save and distribute water even if there is a drought looming. Proper irrigation systems tend to also work well and those who are still new to gardening should look into preserving grey water. A rain chain adds some charm to any building facade and helps guide water straight to the water tank, well in time before the heatwave hits. The key is to have enough reserves to carry the garden through the dry periods, thus freeing the water for personal use instead.

Water Features Don’t Have To Suffer

Before filling in or switching off the fountain, there are ways to keep it going without placing too much pressure on the water reserves supplied by local government. Fountains recycle the water and when it’s time for a top-up, it can easily be done with the rainwater. Fountains also happen to have another sustainable feature, and that is that some of the fountains are solar powered, placing less pressure on that electricity account and the grid. Proper maintenance of the fountain is an important part of keeping it sustainable, as debris and waste can easily place pressure on electricity and water usage.

Find Plants That Look Great But Don’t Require A Lot Of Water

Plants that seem to be increasingly fashionable of late are succulents, partly because they create a stunning display once they start propagating. These hardy little plants are very adaptable, are great gifts and happen to use very little water. Those who may worry that planting a whole bunch of succulents is hardly as exciting as a bed of poppies or geraniums can rest at ease as there are a number of types and even colors that blend together beautifully for a striking feature area. Add a few old watering cans and rusty buckets to the display and the garden is suddenly transformed into a fashionable - and sustainable - masterpiece.

There is something whimsical about an English garden. But an English garden that also happens to sustainable? Well, that’s just magical.

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