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How Beekeeping Can Change The Way You Garden

There are 1,500 species of insects pollinating plants in the UK, including bumble bees and honey bees. All of these pollinators work to create many benefits for humans, and one of those is to increase the health of your garden. Whether you are a fan of honey, bees, flowers or positive impacts on the environment, beekeeping can prove to be a fun new hobby that will also benefit your garden.

Changing the way you view your garden

Instead of viewing your outdoor space from a human perspective, you will likely begin to view it from the eyes of your beloved pollinators. You will begin to plant things such as forget-me-nots, wildflowers, and weeds such as buttercups as they are hugely beneficial to pollinators. You will learn how to use compost effectively to prevent flowers from setting seed. In fact, you will learn how to create so much compost that you can cultivate a bumblebee hive in each of your bins while also learning how to differentiate between the different types of beehives. All of this will make you a better and more diverse gardener while allowing you to watch your garden thrive.

How to get started

Does this sound like something you are ready to begin? You are not alone, as the British Beekeepers Association´s membership rose from about 8,500 people in 2008 to more than 24,000 in 2017. Once you have decided to incorporate beekeeping as part of your daily gardening routine, you will want to source British-bred bees as they are more acclimated to the cold winter climate. If you can, find a breeder that can provide you with calm bees that will be easy to handle. In regards to gear, you will probably want to start out small with a bare essentials beekeeping kit such as a hive, protective clothing, and hive-related tools. You will also want to find a beekeeping association in your area to benefit from advice and tips from others who know which kinds of plants your garden will need to thrive.

A thriving garden and bee population

Wild honeybees are nearly extinct in the UK and natural beekeeping could be an efficient way to save honeybees and other types of pollinators while also ensuring that your garden is beautiful and thriving. By intelligently incorporating these insects into your garden they can help you grow flourishing food and plants that will not only make you a more diverse gardener but increase the health of your green space overall.

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