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How Composting Can Help Your Garden and Your Bank Account

The Impact of Food Waste on Our Environment

Many people often believe that throwing away food waste is harmless for the environment.  However, due to the lack of oxygen they get in landfills, as the food rots and breaks down, it releases a gas called methane which is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide according to www.recyclenow.com.  This is a huge problem for the environment as www.wrapWRAP.org estimates that the food and drink sector which produce 10 million tonnes of food waste each year, 60% of which could be avoided. By weight, the household food waste makes up for 71% of this.

composting food waste

Households are being encouraged by organisations and councils to recycle more to reduce their food waste. Many councils all over Britain are starting to charge people for garden waste collection which means that throwing away food waste can become an expensive habit. According to the BBC, this means that you can get charged up to £96 annually to dispose of your garden and food waste.

You can avoid these charges, be more environmentally friendly and assemble yourself a great garden by composting!


The Benefits of Composting

Compost makes your soil rich in nutrient and will help to maintain moisture level as well keeping your soils pH balance steady. The compost will also help to fight any diseases the plants could face, keeping them healthy and letting them flourish. Compost makes it much easier for you to get that beautiful Garden that you’ve always wanted and the only thing you’re using to make it is the food waste that you produce anyway. You can also use compost to teach your kids on the importance of recycling and protecting the environment while you enjoy gardening together.

benefits of compostingThis is why at Original Organics we are passionate about recycling and looking after our environment. We realise the benefits composting can have on each household and the world and this is why we have a wider range of composters than anyone else, so we suit everyone’s taste. We have different designs, different capacities, all at different prices so that you can find the composter perfect for you, leaving you ready to get started on having that great garden!

We have wide collection of the Blackdown Range Wooden Composters which ranges in capacity from 400 litres to 1900 litres, meaning that you can find the perfect compost bin, whatever the size of your garden. The Blackdown Range Wooden Composters uses 22mm thick British Timber sourced from the UK forestry while many of our competitors only use 15mm thick timber or less. We do not sacrifice on quality or materials for our products so that our customers can get the best.

blackdown rangeAnother composter which we offer is the Blackdown Beehive Wooden Composter. This wooden composter has a Beehive design which will add a touch of elegant design to almost any garden and they come in 3 different sizes, tier 4, 5 and 6 for you to choose from. This is a quality product inspired by tradition and bygone years yet superbly fit for purpose for the 21st century.

beehive rangeIf you would prefer a composter which is of a good quality and functional but for a low price, we also offer the Rotol Compost Converters at a capacity of 300L or 220L in our plastic compost bins range.  If black isn’t your colour we also offer a sleek Green compost converter in the same capacities. These composters are made from 100% recycled plastic, so we make sure we’re doing our bit for the environment as you are by composting.

plastic bins range

If you want something different and fun, we also have a uniquely designed 315L CompoSphere which is a roll-able Tumbler Composter. This composter will add a bit of fun to your gardening routine and it is sure to make your kids want to get involved! This Composter comes in a dashing green colour and features a tread with gripped edges for easy rolling. This will mix all the contents well in the composters so that the waste inside can turn into great compost.

composphereWe offer these and plenty of other composters in different colours, shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find something that you will love! Make sure to explore more of our wonderful collection by shopping the compost range now.

Shop our Compost Range today. 


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