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How The Visual Arts Create An Oasis At Home

There are few things as pleasant as an environment that has been carefully laid out with handpicked items such as canvasses and sculptures. In the UK, spending money on arts and culture provides a terrific gross value of £7.7 billion and is a great boost to the economy. Providing households with diverse items means taking stock of empty spaces and filling them with items you love. Whether this is adding touches to the landscape or filling up empty walls, the right item goes a long way.

Tiny Patios And Mini Courtyards With Pizzazz

A tiny patio is often one of the most underutilized spaces as homeowners don’t quite know how to use the space to their advantage. One of the best ways to treat the space is not to be afraid of being bold. The use of colours, mirrors, and specially designed furniture will take the space to a whole new level. Another smart idea is to create a focal point such as an elaborate design on the floor or a carefully placed water feature. Finishing touches should include adequate lighting and also carefully placed potted plants or creepers to add to the natural ambience.

Wall Treatments That Inspire

One of the best things about treating a vertical space to some visual interest is that it’s no longer only paintings and photographs in traditional frames that go. Instead, pair these up with interesting wall treatments such as rustic frame doors or interesting crafted items specifically designed for walls. Walls also happen to be the perfect backdrop for hanging plants and creeper vines especially when the lighting is done right.

The walls are often also the best showcase of personal talents and there’s nothing quite like a hand-drawn sketch or self-portrait to bring some personality to a space. Personal mementos and memorabilia from holidays or overseas trips also tend to add flavour while also serving as great conversation starters. Those who have large cavernous spaces who wish to add their own personal stamp on it, can opt for a larger-than-life mural with a modern twist as they project an image onto the wall, resize it to the desired size, and then paint along the outlines.

Lighten Up Dead Spaces Indoors

Forgotten corners and dead spaces that serve no purpose or have no function can often pull the ambience of a room right down. Spaces that are particularly difficult to use include areas that are under a very low ceiling, spaces under stairs, and even open spaces in large, galley-like rooms. While the go-to seems to default to additional storage, these spaces can also be used to provide the ideal spot for interesting sculptures that have a story to tell, bonsai or other small plant collections, and more. To get the best out of these areas, they should be well-lit in order to make the items on display more prominent.

A small investment in interesting items and good lighting can brighten up any area. A home should be a comfortable abode and it’s often these items that help it get there.


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