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How To Avoid The New Garden Waste Collection Charges

Don’t pay to have your garden waste taken away!

More than half of the councils in Britain have begun to charge for garden waste collection. According to the BBC, this means that you could be charged up to £96 pounds annually to dispose of your grass cuttings.

If you aren’t keen on paying the newly imposed collection charges then home composting could be the solution that you’re looking for. You wouldn’t just save the garden waste collection fee, you’d also have an excellent compost for your garden and you would be doing your bit for a greener environment by not having a vehicle collect your garden waste and saving a bit of money on your garden maintenance costs.  The cost of one of our plastic composters is approximately half the cost of your garden waste collection.

Composting is an eco-conscious, low cost way of disposing of biodegradable waste, and the end result can be used around your garden to improve the quality of your soil.

Which composter is right for you? 

1. I have no experience with composting.

If you have never composted before, and you’re looking for a low cost, easy-to-use option then The Compost Bundle would be a great introduction for you. This kit includes everything you would need to get started, and all for the amazing price of £19.99.


2. There are lots of trees in my garden, so I get a lot of leaf fall.

If you get a lot of leaves falling into your garden and you find that this takes up a lot of space in your garden waste bin, then you need a leaf mould composter. The Blackdown 1200L Double Wooden Leafmould Composter is a great place to start. The dual compartments will allow you to get a versatile range of uses from the compost you produce, as you can vary the times that you let your leaf mould decompose. 1200-Blackdown-Range-Double-Leaf-Mould-Wooden-Composter3. I want to get my kids involved!

Composting can be fun as well as cost effective, and it’s a great way to teach children about being kind to the environment. The Composphere is a perfectly integrates tumbling your compost with spending quality time out in your garden. It’s round shape means that you and your kids can roll it around the garden whilst aerating the compost that sits inside.


4. I want quality, at a low price.

If you’re getting a composter to avoid the new garden waste charges, then you want to make sure that you’re spending money on a composter that will last a long time. The Rotol Compost Converter has won the Gardening Which? ‘Best Buy’ 4 times because it’s been manufactured to an exceptionally high standard out of 100% recycled plastic. It comes in two different sizes and is amazing value; usually £48.49 but currently on offer at £36.37.


If you can’t see the composter that you need in the recommendations above, but you are eager to find a way around those extra collection fees, then have a browse through the Home Composting category right here on the Original Organics website.

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