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How To Dress For Gardening During Each Season

Every year in the UK, 300,000 people get injured while working in their gardens. Wearing the right gardening clothes as you prune, dig and weed will provide protection which helps to reduce the risk of injury.  Discovering the best clothing choices for each season will also help you to enjoy every single minute that you spend puttering around your own home garden.

Go for lightweight clothing in summertime

When gardening in the summer sun, you should go for lightweight clothing and don a wide-brimmed sunhat. It’s smart to choose natural fibers which “breathe”. When you do, air will circulate close to your skin and sweat will evaporate. You don’t need to wear light colors unless you want to. Black clothing does absorb more heat, but a scientific study showed that the absorbed heat doesn’t transfer to the skin. It’s much more important to choose lightweight clothing that has a loose fit, to ensure proper ventilation. Loose-fitting, long-sleeved tops are sensible summertime choices, because they will give your arms a bit of protection from thorns, nettles, insects and other common garden hazards. Cover your hands with protective gloves and wear wellies made from waterproof neoprene.

Choose removable layers for spring

When you’re gardening in the spring, you may expect occasional spring showers. If you’re dressed in removable layers that are water-resistant or waterproof, a few raindrops won’t deter you from getting things done in your garden. A windbreaker that zips up and has a hood will be the ideal outerwear for a spring day. Knee-length work pants made from high-tech, water-resistant fabrics and long-sleeved cotton-t-shirts are also fine choices for spring gardening. If you’re female and don’t want to wear a hat, do what Queen Elizabeth II does and use a silk scarf to protect your hair from wind and raindrops. Gardening gloves and wellies should also be worn.

Bundle up a bit in the autumn

In the fall, you’ll need to stay warm and cozy as you enjoy the glories of nature, including the turning leaves, while you work in your home garden. A waxed cotton coat will offer a lot of protection and warmth, without being too hot. Jeans are popular choices for fall gardening, but they should have some stretch, or they won’t be as comfortable as they could be. Work pants made from cotton twill, with reinforced knees and deep, easy access pockets, are probably the best choice for gardening at this time of year. Don’t forget your gloves and neoprene boots. Gloves and boots are year-round gardening essentials.

Go for maximum warmth in winter

In winter, use your autumn gardening clothes, but add thermals underneath and choose thicker, warmer gardening socks and gloves that are designed for winter. If you want more warmth, switch out the jeans or work pants for thick overalls which will cover part of your torso. A warm and cozy wool or fleece hat and insulated ankle boots (or your trusty wellies) will also be smart options.

Gardening is so relaxing

When you wear the right clothes for the season, you’ll find it easier to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening. Gardening relieves stress, boosts self-esteem and enhances fine motor skills. So, why not put together a new gardening wardrobe today?

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