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How To Get Rid of Flies from Compost Bin


How to fight flies from infesting your compost bin

How do I get rid of flies in compost bin? 

Hot composting reaches higher temperatures, making it less hospitable for flies. Add some Spice! Flies find these irritants repellent like cayenne pepper. Then increase the sun and ventilation. 

Quick Fixes for Fly-Free Composting:

Flies in your Compost Bin? Buzz Off with these Easy Fixes!

Ugh, flies buzzing around my compost bin! How do I get rid of them?

Answer: Don't let pesky flies sabotage your composting efforts! We've got you covered with simple, effective solutions to banish those buzzing bothers.

  • Balance is Key: Maintain a 2:1 ratio of brown (dry) materials like shredded leaves or cardboard to green (wet) kitchen scraps. This keeps things dry and discourages fly breeding.
  • Bury Your Treasures: Hide juicy food scraps deep within the pile and cover them with brown materials. Flies like easy access to their feast.
  • Turn Up the Heat: Hot composting reaches higher temperatures, making it less hospitable for flies and speeding up decomposition. If your bin isn't insulated, consider adding straw or leaves for temperature control.
  • Spice Up the Scene: Sprinkle cayenne pepper or diatomaceous earth (natural, safe for pets) on top of your pile. Flies find these irritants repellent.
  • Sweet Trap Surprise: DIY a fly trap with apple cider vinegar and a drop of dish soap in a jar. The flies are lured in by the vinegar but get trapped in the soapy film.

Long-Term Solutions for Happy Composting:

  • Location, Location, Location: Position your bin in a sunny, well-ventilated area away from your house. Flies prefer shade and moisture.
  • Lid it Up: Keep your bin covered with a tight-fitting lid to block entry points. Aeration holes are still important, so choose mesh or fabric-covered lids.
  • Water Wisely: Overwatering attracts flies and slows down decomposition. Only add water when the pile seems dry and crumbly.
  • Keep it Clean: Regularly remove finished compost from the bottom of your bin to avoid excess moisture and fly breeding grounds.
  • Friendly Fauna: Introduce soldier flies or composting worms to your bin. These natural predators munch on fly larvae and contribute to faster decomposition.

Bonus Tip: Freeze your kitchen scraps before adding them to the bin. This kills any fly eggs lurking within and reduces initial odors that attract flies.

Go Forth and Compost with Confidence!

By following these tips and maintaining proper composting practices, you can keep those pesky flies at bay and create rich, healthy compost for your garden. Remember, a balanced, well-maintained compost bin is a happy, fly-free bin!


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