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How to Stop Ants Infesting My Wormery


How to Stop Ants Infesting My Wormery: Organic Solutions for a Happy Worm Kingdom

Worms are fantastic little recyclers, turning your kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost. But what happens when tiny intruders, like ants, decide to join the party in your wormery? Don't despair! Here are some organic solutions to keep your wormery ant-free and your worm pals happy.

Preventing Ant Infestations.

Moisture Matters | Don't let your worms dry out

Ants prefer dry conditions. Adjust the moisture level in your wormery by adding damp cardboard or shredded newspaper if it's too dry. This creates an environment less appealing to ants while remaining perfect for worms.

Vaseline Barrier | Medieval Ant Moats

Create an ant moat! Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly, like Vaseline, around the legs or base of your wormery. This slippery barrier disrupts the ants' path, making it difficult for them to climb in.

Spicy Repellent | Heat things up in your Hot composter

Sprinkle a light layer of cayenne pepper or cinnamon around the top of your wormery bedding. These natural deterrents won't harm your worms but can discourage ants from exploring further.

The Power of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) | Dry out pesky insects

This all-natural powder made from fossilized algae is a desiccant that dries out insects. Apply a thin layer of DE around the wormery and on ant trails leading to it. Important note: Ensure you get food-grade DE for safety.


Keeping Your Garden Ant-Free.

Eliminate Ant Attractants | Keep your picnics safe

Clean up spills and fallen fruit around your wormery location. Store food scraps in sealed containers indoors to avoid attracting ants in the first place.

Encourage Natural Predators | Nothing more organic than Mother Nature 

Attract beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings to your garden. These natural predators love to munch on ants, keeping their populations in check.


Plant Power | Naturally repel pests

Certain plants can repel ants. Try planting mint, catnip, or lavender around your wormery to create a natural ant barrier.


By implementing these organic solutions, you can create a happy and healthy wormery environment for your hardworking decomposers, while keeping those pesky ants at bay!


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