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International Compost Awareness Week 2019

International Compost Awareness Week is a significant event in the calendars of a lot of gardeners and allotment connoisseurs.  This year it runs from Sunday 5th May to Saturday 10th May 2019.  It was set up to boost awareness to the natural and exciting world of composting and this year it is even more significant. The media has been rife with programs detailing the issues affecting our planet and people are thinking about eco-friendly approaches and their carbon footprint. As we are more conscious of our impact on the planet, it could be a great time to start considering composting at home.

Composting is a cheap and environmentally friendly way of feeding your garden naturally and can help reduce the release of nitrous oxide. Currently, most UK councils take your food waste away, but this can prove exhaustive and uses fuel to collect. If most of the people in your neighbourhood composted imagine how you could reduce emissions! In addition to the eco-friendly aspect, composting is a great project for the whole family. Kids can get involved and learn so much about gardening and the environment, maybe they will grow up to cultivate their own patch! It also provides a fantastic foundation for growing your own veg and herbs which could cut your food bills.

Green Composting Waste

If you haven’t already started to use your garden and food waste to feed your plants, browse some of our articles on composting to find out how you can get started.  A good one to get you started is ‘How composting can help your garden and your bank account’.  We also have books on composting to help you.

Or if you want to take a more practical approach, look through some of our best compost bins and accessories for beginners:



Already a dab hand at composting? Have you considered adding a wormery to your gardening arsenal? It is the perfect add-on to a thriving garden. We have a large range of wormery’s and we have a Wormery FAQ area if you need some help setting up.

Alternatively, have you given Bokashi composting a whirl? Check out another level of composting here with our Bokashi bins and buckets.

Happy composting!


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