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Jobs to do in the garden in November

Jobs to do in the garden in November

It's November already (!) which means we are well on our way to winter with leaves & temperatures falling and frost appearing.

Whilst that combination may provide a recipe for avoidance and procrastination with regards to gardening, it doesn't have to and we are here to help you!

We've put together a quick guide on how to embrace the elements and have your garden in tip top shape heading into December and towards the new year.

Let's get started!


Leaf collecting and composting

With the abundance of leaves infiltrating our gardens, it's important to keep on top of them by getting your rake out and tidying them up! Then, they can be used in your composter along with dead plants and other garden waste to create rich soil moisturiser - perfect!

We have absolutely all of your composting needs covered, whether you're after a plastic composter, a wooden one or accessories.

We are currently offering a great deal to our loyal customers - you can get 20% off our Rotol Compost Converters in both 220L and 300L to help you out this month and beyond! Click below for more!

20% off Rotol Compost Converter Get 20% off 220L & 300L Rotol Compost Converter[/caption]

Lawn maintenance

When it comes to your lawn, you still have time in hand to sort it out before winter dawns. As previously mentioned, the rake is required to get the leaves out of the way to keep your lawn tidy as well as allowing it to breathe. Once you've done that (one time, because we all know it's a recurring activity) edging your lawn is the next job. One way that we've found that makes the process easier is by using the Smartedge Lawn Edging tool.

Check out the videos below for more information on the Smartedge!

Plant protection

With the increase of frost and cold weather it's vital that plants a protected so that they can continue to grow, and using tools such as the Sunny Growing Tunnel and Sunny Forcing Cloche will do the trick as they cover your plants and accelerate growth thanks to features such as having their own humid microclimates under the covers.

Water Butts

You may be reading this section and wondering why water butts have been included in this list, but now is a great time to clean out your water butt or install a new one ready in preparation for the upcoming rain. We are experts in providing rainwater solutions so if you require a small capacity water butt, a large tank or just some extras like stands or other accessories we have whatever you need.

Take advantage of our limited time offer of 20% off both our 240L & 310L Green Water Butt with Stand!

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Helping our feathered friends

The dip in temperature has consequences for our gardens, but also for the birds that frequent them. Shorter days mean they have less of an opportunity to feed themselves and they also need more energy to stay warm. That's where we can help them out, even if it means giving them leftovers such as dried fruit or even mince pies (if you're starting on them early!).  Ideally though, they need nourishment in the way of high energy feed, suet and nuts. Shelter can also be provided by boxes and nesters.

As a helping hand from us, until January we're offering 20% off on our wildlife gardening products so be sure to have a look at how you can help our feathery friends in the coming months.



Thank you for taking the time to read our tips and suggestions for gardening jobs to be getting on with in November. We will be back at the beginning of December for some more that'll help you get set for 2018!


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