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Natural oils you need to live your best life

Natural oils you need to live your best life

Using organic health and beauty products is an easy way to live a more sustainable and ethical life and, in addition to giving your conscience a boost, this commitment can make you look and feel better than ever. These products can have huge benefits to your beauty regimen, all while being totally chemical-free.


This is down to the presence of natural oils, which affect everything from hydration to inflammation, and can be found in body moisturisers, lip balms and more. So whether you want smooth, soft skin or long, luscious hair, here are ten natural oils you need to introduce to your beauty regime ASAP.

Argan oil

Argan oil derives from the Moroccan argan tree, and has been a hit in the Western cosmetics market since 2003. Nowadays, it is most commonly found in moisturisers and body oils due to its phenomenal hydrating properties. The natural oil is full of vitamin E and fatty acids, which plumpen and soften your complexion while strengthening the skin’s natural barrier, which protects cells from harsh external elements and helps retain moisture.


Argan oil is also high in antioxidants, which are vital defenses against harmful free radicals (highly reactive uncharged molecules) from air pollution, sun exposure and other environmental factors. These molecules remove the electrons in your skin, causing cell damage and may even encourage premature aging, but antioxidants in argan oil work to remove free radicals, and prevent oxidative damage to your cells.


Find argan oil in:

Green Angel Organic Seaweed & Argan Body Oil

Neroli oil

Neroli oil is produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. Its distinctive sweet, honeyed scent has made it one of the most common floral oils used to make perfume, but the skincare industry has also taken interest in the natural oil’s restorative properties. Patricia Davis, author of Aromatherapy: An A-Z, writes that neroli oil also stimulates skin cell regeneration. As well as keeping skin healthy, encouraging the production of new cells means that neroli oil can also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars and age spots.


Find neroli oil in:

Green Angel Organic Seaweed Body Lotion with Neroli & Chamomile

Lavender oil

If you’re desperate for your hair to grow past your shoulders, hair care products including lavender oil could be the answer to your prayers. It has properties known to generate cells and reduce stress—a cause of hair loss—crucial for growing long, luscious locks. The most recent study on its effects was conducted by South Korean researchers in 2016, who found that applying lavender oil to mice encouraged increased hair growth in the animals, and also made it thicker and faster. Lavender’s antimicrobial properties also prevent bacteria and fungi from growing, and could prevent dandruff and itchiness when applied to the scalp.


Find lavender oil in:

Green Angel Organic Seaweed Hair Conditioning Serum with Lavender & Neroli

Mandarin oil

This natural oil stems from the mandarin tree, and is packed with vitamin C, a well-known skincare saviour. Like vitamin E, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, making it a great ingredient to have in products like hand creams, because your hands are always exposed to external elements and the free radicals that come with them. The high acidity levels of vitamin C also accelerate the production of collagen and elastin, keeping skin firm and full, and preventing premature aging. As your hands are one of the first parts of the body to display signs of aging, mandarin oil could go some way in keeping them looking youthful.


Find mandarin oil in:

Green Angel Organic Seaweed Hand Lotion with Lavender, Mandarin & Neroli

Tea tree oil

It’s easy to feel helpless when your meticulous skincare regime isn’t doing anything to improve your acne, but have no fear. Tea tree oil is a tried and tested natural oil that can work wonders on pesky zits. Its effective anti-inflammatory properties can help calm redness and swelling around spots, while its antimicrobial features can help curb breakouts. Some research has suggested that tea tree may combat oiliness, so pores are less likely to be clogged, which also means fewer pimples.

Find tea tree oil in:

Green Angel Organic Seaweed & Tea Tree Rescue Cream

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is best known for its soothing and cooling abilities, which is why it’s a common ingredient in foot creams, helping to refresh and relieve tired tootsies. The natural oil also boasts anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and pain-killing properties, which can help combat muscle fatigue and cramp, while the menthol in peppermint has also been shown to improve circulation.


Find peppermint oil in:

Green Angel Organic Seaweed Foot Cream with Peppermint & Tea Tree Oils

Avocado oil

As well as being a millennial favourite, avocados also produce an oil that is brilliant for hydrating and nourishing dull skin. It’s also known to calm itchiness, making it a good ingredient for those who suffer with eczema and other skin conditions. But perhaps this natural oil’s most surprising quality is its effectiveness as a sunblock. The high proportion of monounsaturated fats form a protective layer over the skin, with studies demonstrating that avocado can shield your face from harmful UV radiation. Although you should never rely on avocado oil instead of a quality sunscreen, using it alongside your SPF 50 may give you a little extra protection.


Find avocado oil in:

Green Angel Organic Seaweed, Aloe & Avocado Face Mask

Coconut oil

Coconut oil’s high-fat content means it’s long been hailed as one of the most powerful natural moisturisers available, potent in soothing dry, cracked skin. However, lauric acid—which makes up almost 50% of coconut oil’s fatty acids—also helps fight potentially harmful microorganisms. Applying coconut oil may prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, guarding against skin infections like acne cellulitis (a serious bacterial skin infection), folliculitis (infection and inflammation of hair follicles), and athlete's foot.


Find coconut oil in:

Betty Hula Shea Butter Body Moisturiser in Champagne & Spice

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is another excellent hydrator, containing vitamin B-complex and zinc, which helps produce new skin cells, preserves moisture, treats irritation, and heals tissues. These features are the reason that jojoba oil is such a common component of nourishing lip products. During the colder months, you can repair a sore, chapped pout with a balm or polish infused with jojoba oil, keeping your lips soft and smooth. A key benefit is how quickly the natural oil is absorbed, giving you maximum moisture without a greasy film.


Find jojoba oil in:

Betty Hula Nourishing Lip Polish in Lime & Mango

Frankincense oil

For times of rest and relaxation, frankincense oil can create an even more heavenly experience. The oil contains limonene, a compound believed to decrease anxiety, and borneol, which introduces anesthetic and sedative properties that will really allow you to switch off from the rest of the world. Furthermore, frankincense promotes the secretion of phlegm from the air passages, which may help clear your nasal tract for you to breathe more easily, while the natural oil’s sweet, woody scent works to diminish stress.


Find frankincense oil in:

Betty Hula The Secret Wonder Oil Bath Salts


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