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Prepare Yourself For Possible Water Restrictions During This Heatwave

The UK’s longest heatwave is to continue right through the summer and water companies are urging people to decrease their water usage.

Thames Water have had to pump an extra 450 Million litres of water into their network to cope with the high demand caused by the heatwave, and according to WHICH? Magazine.

Thames Water’s Efficiency Manager said that “we all need to think about how we use water and how we could save it.” He added that by doing this we could avoid water restrictions in the near future.

We are passionate about harvesting and recycling rainwater, and it’s the perfect way for you to do your bit to save water without have to compromise too much on using it around your household.

We all know that the rainwater you harvest in your water butt is great for keeping your garden going during the dryer summer months. However, you could be using this water for a variety of other purposes around your home.

Toilets and washing machines are among the largest consumers of water in the average household. By simply installing a pump and one of our filters you can make the water you’ve collected suitable for use in these home appliances.

guttermate duo

The Gutter Mate Rainmaster Duo is an affordable way to achieve a high level of water filtration so that you can use water from your water butt in your toilet and washing machine. Statistics from the Cambridge Water Company suggests that setting up one of these filters to supply water to your washing machine could save up to 100L of water per wash.

If you haven't collected any rainwater yet, don’t worry! We have the largest selection of water butts in the UK for you to pick from. We have 100’s of different capacities, styles and colours to choose from, so it’s not too late to start harvesting some rainwater to recycle around your home before some possible water restrictions in the near future.

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