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Sustainable Tips for World Food Day

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Sustainable Tips for World Food Day

Adopt an Eco-Friendly Attitude Towards Food with Our Handy Tips on World Food Day

Today is World Food Day, an important day in the calendar of all who seek to live sustainably! Across the globe, events will be taking place to highlight the importance of food growth and sustainability, especially when it comes to nations with food scarcity.

We can all do our own part to ensure that we adopt a sustainable and eco-friendly attitude when it comes to food. Here are just a few of the ways you can start.

Growing your own vegetables will save you money, time in the supermarket, and slash your carbon footprint. Portable containers, crates or pots are a perfect place to start if you don't have enough space for a dedicated vegetable patch.

grow your own

Invest in a greenhouse to increase your yield of fresh fruit and vegetables and to save space, you can grow legumes (runner beans, broad beans, French beans, and peas), squashes and pumpkins vertically. Use a smaller planter to grow salad leaves, herbs and tomatoes grow well on balconies and patios.


Buy a water butt to collect rainwater. There are many good reasons to install a water butt, particularly if you’re looking to save money on your water bills if your home is run by a water meter.

water butt

Filling your buckets and watering cans with naturally collected rainwater also means that you will avoid the use of chlorinated tap water, which can be toxic to plants. You'll also have a consistent supply of water to keep all your fruit and veg fed through any dry spells!


Making compost is all about layers. Regularly adding alternating layers of green (nitrogen-rich) materials like grass cuttings, weeds, and uncooked vegetable peelings and brown (carbon-rich) materials like leaves, wood chippings, shredded paper and cardboard, and sticks allows the compost to truly thrive. Some hot composters such as the Aerobin can make compost in as little as 12 weeks.

Using nutrient rich compost can increase the quality and yield of any fruit and veg you grow.


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