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Which Worm And How Many?

Which worms are the best and how many should you start with?

This is a subject which has come up over recent months as new entrants to the Wormery market have caused some confusion about the best types of composting worm to use and the quantity required to start up your Wormery successfully.

I should start by saying that, as the inventors of the Wormery and as suppliers of nearly half a million Wormeries to end users - we do, in all modesty, think we know quite a bit about their needs, features, designs, processes and their optimum running conditions! Perhaps even that bit more than many of our newer competitors!

When it comes to worms, a plentiful amount of quality worms is better than a big quantity of larger, cheaper worms. We supply all of our Wormeries with an appropriate plentiful initial stock of small-medium sized young (and therefore hungry) Tiger Worms (Eisenia Fetida). After lengthy research and trials by ourselves and others (including the sponsorship by us of a PhD University Student) these have proven to be noticeably the best native species of worm for use in a Wormery and in over 20 years of using them, they continue to be our species of choice. Tiger Worms breed exceptionally well, are hungrier, and are more tolerant of a wider temperature, moisture and acidity range than their close cousins Dendrobaena which seem to be preferred by our competitors (probably because of their wider availability and lower cost - due to their use as bait by anglers). Tiger Worms will eat around twice as much (per body weight) than Dendrobaena.

We are not worm breeders and we don't have a surplus of worms to shift. We insist on only the best quality Worms from the independent worm farm we have worked closely with for a number of years. In supplying tens of thousands of Wormeries to users every year - startup problems are rare and indeed if they really were an issue we certainly wouldn't choose to offer a 30-day 'no-quibble' moneyback guarantee.

We are the Wormery experts and have held this position for almost 20 years and it is disappointing that newer entrants to the Wormery market have tactically attempted to muddy the water. This kind of practice only results in consumers being even more confused about what is a new concept already to many people, when they really needn't be.

When it comes to worms only the best will do, so don't settle for second best!


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