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The Top 10 Composters to Get You Started

Composting at home can help provide your plants with useful nutrients, and stimulate growth, while also increasing yields! Not only is this a useful way to improve your gardening, it’s also a fantastic way to dispose of kitchen and garden waste, preventing it going to landfill, and thus reducing your impact on the environment.

Composters come in all different shapes and sizes, and it’s not always immediately apparent which type will be suitable for your needs. Whether it’s large-scale hot composters, plastic garden composters, or small-scale kitchen composters, that's why we’ve broken down our top 10 composters to give you the lowdown of each and every one!


400L Aerobin Hot Composter - Brunswick Green


Our Aerobin Hot Composters are the ideal composting solution, with three different sizes (200L, 400L, and 600L) to fit any size garden! Not only can they speed up compost production, they're also easy to assemble.

With an Aerobin:

  • There is the potential to add meat, bones, fish, eggs
  • Usable compost is produced in as little as 12 weeks
  • There is no need to turn your compost
  • You can do all-year-round composting due to weatherproof insulation
  • There are no odours

An Aerobin is a great way to get started with composting, perfect for beginners who are hoping to get the most out of their garden, and what’s more our 200L Aerobin has double the capacity for the same price as other major brands.


220L Green Compost Converter


Made from recycled plastic, the Blackwall 220 Litre Compost Converter can help you to convert any garden or food waste in to useful, nutrient rich compost. It’s straightforward design in perfect for beginners, and easy to use. Due to its robust design, it provides a secure environment for compost, protecting it from vermin and pests.

This compost converter also requires no assembly, so simply remove it from the box and you’re good to go. An extra-large hatch located on the bottom makes removing compost easier than ever.


3 Tray Standard Tiger Wormery Black


Wormeries provide an efficient method of composting at home, as well as a valuable way to get rid of kitchen waste. A wormery is normally organised via trays, with the bottom tray housing the worms and any organic matter added to it. The worms eat their way through the organic matter (preferring rotting matter over fresh!) and produce worm castings in the process (worm poo). These castings are known as vermicompost, one of the richest and most efficient types of compost available.

There are also pet poo wormeries available, meaning you can turn your pets nasty brown mess into black gold. It is recommended that a wormery is kept under cover during wet weather and insulated or kept inside during cold weather. A wormery is a unique way to create usable compost, and it’s also a great educational tool for children, making great garden projects, ideal for young kids or schools.

Our wormeries are available in a variety of colours and configurations.


Maze 245 Litre Compost Tumbler + 55 Litre Composting Cart Set


The Maze 245 Litre Compost Tumbler and Cart set is an excellent way to speed up your compost production, with it’s two compartments you have the option to produce, as well as store compost. The principle of the Maze Tumbler is that unlike a traditional composter, the compost does not require turning with a fork, instead aeration is achieved by rotating the compost drum via a handle.

The act of turning the compost ensures that it is mixed, and that the heat contained within is distributed evenly. In a traditional composter this is only achieved by turning the pile, which when you’re dealing with a larger composter can be quite difficult. By allowing an even distribution of heat, the process of decomposition is increased, and therefore usable compost is created much quicker.

The included 55 litre cart makes the process of emptying and using your compost that much easier, simply turn the access hatches towards the ground, slide the cart underneath, and fill to the required amount.

We have a large variety of tumbler composters in addition to the Maze 245.


330L Green Johanna Hot Composter


Similar to the Aerobin Hot Composter, the Green Johanna is a more affordable hot composting solution. With 330L of composting space, you’ve got plenty to work with, and when it comes to composting, bigger is almost always better. The abundant amount of space helps to speed up compost production, and also gives you much more freedom to add organic materials as often as you like. Like the Aerobin, the Green Johanna composter is able to break down, meat, fish, and bones without any trouble.

When it comes to cold weather, hot composters fare better than most, however in certain temperatures you may want to add an additional level of insulation. Luckily, we offer a specific winter jacket for the Green Johanna which is tailored to fit the shape of the composter perfectly.


Gardening Naturally Dual Tumbling Composter 2 x 70L Cells

Like the Maze 245 composter, the Gardening Naturally Dual composter relies on the act of the compost being spun to produce compost. However, unlike the Maze composter, this one does not have a handle, which is reflected in it’s more affordable price point, this isn’t a reflection of its quality mind you. This composter is just as capable of breaking down organic material as most other composters.

Each chamber can be rotated independently, allowing you to keep one for storage, and one for production, this allows you to constantly have a cycle of compost production on the go.


260L Garden Compost Box


If you’re looking for affordability and capacity, you can’t go wrong with the 260L Garden Compost Box. Akin to a traditional wooden composter, but less prone to weathering due to its plastic construction, this composter does not rely on being airtight in order to break down organic matter, instead it requires turning and time.

It’s top loading lid, while not airtight, prevents rain from finding its way in. It’s easy enough to put together and compact enough to not take up all your free garden space.


Thermo Wood Composter 600L


Made from 100% recycled plastic, the Thermo Wood Composter is a hot composter with a wood effect finish. If you’re looking for a more understated, large capacity hot composter, then this is the one for you. This composter features ventilation openings on all four sides, concealed under the wood effect planks, this allows air to circulate through the compost – aiding in the decomposition process.

Due to its convenient easy lock system, assembling this composter can’t be simpler – no tools required.


315L CompoSphere Rollable Tumbler Composter Green


The CompoSphere is a tumbler style composter which is turned by rolling it on the ground, and while the capacity of it is a generous 315L, it’s still easy enough to move, even when full. With full UV protection, you can guarantee that it won’t be weathered over time, maintaining its look for years to come.

It’s ability to roll is a two-fold benefit, first of all it helps to mix the contents and break down organic matter, secondly it enables quick and easy movement of the CompoSphere, so you can apply your home-made compost anywhere in the garden, with little hassle.

Not sure where to start when it comes to composting? Click through on to our ultimate composting guide for more info!


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