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Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The origins of Mother’s Day came from a lady called Ann Reeves Jarvis who felt that celebrations of mothers and motherhood should be celebrated.  Her intention was not to make it the commercialised day that it is today, but she certainly made her mark with a very important day that reminds us how important our mum is to us.

Given how much our mums do for us over the course of the year, celebrating this day is certainly no hardship and the notion of giving presents should be one of appreciation rather than necessity.

With that in mind we’ve put together a list of our Top 10 Mother’s Day gifts for Mother’s Day 2019 which falls on the last day of March.


    1. Flora and Fauna Compact Umbrella

Flora and Fauna Compact UmbrellaA perfect Mother’s Day gift ahead of the April Showers, this Flora and Fauna Compact Umbrella will be a great purchase in time for March 31st. With its beautiful and vibrant design, it’ll brighten up your mum’s day and provide efficient protection from torrential rain. Its dimensions also mean it can be easily folded away and transported around, making it compact and portable!

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2. British Bloom - Pruner & Holster

British Bloom - Pruner & Holster

Another great choice for Mother’s Day, this British Bloom – Pruner & Holster is a superb gift set for a mum who loves their garden and wants to carry out pruning jobs with ease and confidence. With its attractive presentation box and durable and portable design, this pruner and holster will be an ideal and extra special present!

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3. Knee Pad Berry

Knee pad berryGardening doesn’t have to be painful and this Knee Pad is made from shock-absorbing EVA foam and soft memory foam to make kneeling down for those outdoor jobs as comfortable as possible. These pads come in seven other colours and the material they’re made from is durable and weather-resistant. This is a simple, yet incredibly useful item for a mum who’s a gardening enthusiast!

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4. Egg Planter 35cm – Charcoal

Egg Planter 35cm – Charcoal

Garden enthusiasts can give their patio, lawn or even their front porch the edge with this Egg Planter 35cm – Charcoal. This durable planter will look the part in a modern garden and has an excellent stone effect finish. Have a go at growing various types of plants or flowers all year round with this planter!

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5. 4-Tray Standard Tiger Wormery Terracotta

4 Tray Standard Tiger Wormery Terracotta

Our 4 Tray Standard Tiger Wormery Terracotta is a superb way to give kitchen waste a new lease of life as it transforms it into rich and organic compost for your garden using Tiger worms! This wormery will make for a superb gift, especially for eco-friendly mums, and each one includes worms or a worm voucher, lime mix and coir bedding to help the worms settle into their new environment.



6. Flora & Fauna Indoor Watering Can

Flora & Fauna Indoor Watering Can

Keep plants and herbs hydrated with this Flora & Fauna Indoor Watering Can which will also make for a perfect Mother’s Day gift. With its elegant design and ability to hold up to a litre of water, this watering can is a must-have item for any gardener or garden enthusiast and is durable and hard wearing, meaning its ready to give years of good service!

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7. Herb Pots Leather Handled Tray – Charcoal

Herb Pots Leather Handled Tray – Charcoal

Herbs are great for many culinary creations and if your mum is a basil buff, an oregano oracle or a parsley professional, this set of Herb Pots Leather Handled Tray – Charcoal will be a welcome addition as well as an inspired present. These premium pots are made from beautifully-moulded steel and include pre-written and blank labels so the herbs will always be identifiable!

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8. Solar Powered Duck Garden Ornament

Solar Powered Duck Garden Ornament

With its ability to look great in the garden both during the day and at night, this Solar Powered Duck Garden Ornament will light up your outdoor space effortlessly. This metal duck is attractive in natural daylight and becomes a glowing centrepiece when it’s dark and is a great gift for a mum who wants to make a simple and creative animal-themed addition to their garden!

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9. Blackdown Beehive Wooden Composter - 4 Tier – DIY

Blackdown Beehive Wooden Composter - 4 Tier – DIY

If you’re after a compost converter that will be a fantastic fit for your garden, then this Blackdown Beehive Wooden Composter – 4 Tier – DIY will be a strong candidate! If your mum is a compost connoisseur, then this product is a great way to help the environment. The composter is pressure treated with a natural timber finish and you can also see our full range on Original Organics!

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10. Flora and Fauna Trowel and Secateurs

Flora and Fauna Trowel and Secateurs

Gardening gifts are always a good bet for Mother’s Day and these Flora and Fauna Trowel and Secateurs are some of the classiest garden tools around. They’re made from high carbon steel for sharpness and come complete with alloy handles to ensure comfortable and easy grip when carrying out your jobs. They also have a superb finishing touch by way of a beautiful presentation box.

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Don’t worry if you have found inspiration from any of these Mother’s Day Gifts.  We’ve got hundreds more ideas for mum presents in our Original Organics online range to help you find something that will make her feel really appreciated, exactly like she should.

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