Top 5 Mother's Day Gifts for Gardeners | March 2024


Forget the flowers, Mother's Day gifts for gardeners who dig it

Alright, all you Mother's Day gift-givers, let's get real. Chocolates and carnations are lovely, but let's be honest, they'll be gone in a flash (or wilted in a vase). This year, let's show Mum we understand her. Let's celebrate the dirt under her fingernails and the green thumb that makes her garden an Eden. Let's shower her with gifts that speak to her soul, the soul of a gardener.

When is Mother's Day?

  • Sunday 10th March 2024, 4th Sunday of the Christian festival of lent. 

 What are Mother's Day symbols?

  • Carnations are the official Mother's Day flower, representing motherhood. They also symbolise love and gratitude.

Why is Mother's Day Pink?

  • Pink represents compassion and nurture. However, Green is also used to represent protection (mother nature) and yellow for an optimistic outlook. 

When is Mother's Day US?

  • Sunday 14th May 2024, the second Sunday.

What day is Mother's Day?

It always falls on a Sunday for most countries that celebrate the event.


Gifts that make life in the garden a breeze:

Tool time delight:

Garden tools are like kitchen gadgets for the green-fingered. A spiffy new trowel, a comfy kneeler that's kind to her knees, or maybe a sleek pair of pruners that snip with the satisfying precision of a samurai sword (minus the whole, y'know, beheading thing). These are the everyday heroes that make Mum's garden life easier and more enjoyable. 

Storage solutions that sing:

Does Mum's shed look like a gnome exploded in there? Help her wrangle the chaos with stylish and functional storage. Think woven baskets for bulbs, hanging shelves for tools, or a cute wheelbarrow for hauling mulch in style. Bonus points if you personalize it with her name or a gardening pun (we're all about "Lettuce celebrate Mum!" here). Fancy a more practical touch? Try are large organisational storage trunk, easily wheeled and manoeuvred. 

For indoors, try a discrete solution like a novelty hidden compartment in a footstool.

Tech that talks to the tomatoes:

Mum's a gardening goddess, but even goddesses need a little help sometimes. Smart gardening gadgets like soil moisture sensors, weather stations, or even robotic weeders can take her plant parenthood to the next level. Imagine the face-palm moment when she realizes she can water her garden from her phone while sipping margaritas on the beach. Priceless. But not everyone wants that, and that's why a top-up of plant food can still be a great gift.

Remember, the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart (and maybe the local nursery). Spend some time listening to Mum, pay attention to what she needs and loves in her garden, and choose a gift that shows you care about her passion. And hey, if you're feeling extra generous, offer to help her plant something new. Just be prepared to get your hands dirty – that's the price of admission to the awesome world of gardening moms!


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