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Top 5 tips and environmental products to help you live a more sustainable life in 2020

Coming into 2020, many of us made resolutions to be more eco-aware and make environmentally friendly choices. If this was you, you may have started to make better choices by cutting out single use plastics, not creating as much food waste and installing a smart meter. You may now be ready for the next step and are looking for ways to up your eco game! 

We have put together our top 5 products (in no particular order) that will help you live a more sustainable life this year and beyond: 

1. 23L Bokashi Bucket 

image of single 23l bokashi bin

Bokashi is one of the easiest and quickest ways of creating compost from all types of food and green waste. The process itself takes oxygen away from the waste by compacting it all together with specially made Bokashi Bran. This creates an anaerobic setting that breaks food waste (even animal bones) down, creating a rich pre-compost. Due it being able to break any food waste down, Bokashi remains one of the most eco-friendly ways of making pre-compost for your compost bin and, eventually, your garden. Turning unwanted scraps and peelings to aid growth of new plants, fruit and vegetables is the most natural way to garden. 

Take a look through our full Bokashi range. 

2. 100L Slimline Space Saver Water Butt 

image of slimline space saver green water butt

Rainwater harvesting is not just good for the environment as you cut your use of reservoir water, but it can also aid localised flooding in your area. Even if the water you have collected is put down the sink, it is better than hitting the concrete and not soaking away properly. Also, collected water can be used for a few things other than tending to your garden including washing your car and windows. It is best to make sure you pop a Microbial Silver Disc in to purify the water from diseases in a natural way.   

Explore our huge range of water butts and rainwater harvesting systems. 

3. Organic Lawn Recovery Fertiliser 

image of grass and organic recovery fertiliser

Looking after our planet’s soil is extremely important as it is estimated that a size the area of a football (or soccer) pitch is eroded every 5 seconds. If you are lucky enough to have a lawn, it is critical to make sure it is in good condition. Unfortunately, outside influences such as heat and flooding can affect your grass and garden ultimately ruining your lawn. One option to help your garden is to lay new turf, but this can be costly and time consuming. Another choice is start again by breaking down the lawn and planting new grass seeds, which can end up being back breaking work. You could use fertiliser on badly affected areas but these are sometimes filled with chemicals, unless you chose to purchase an organic fertiliser. By eliminating any nasty chemicals getting into the soil and saving your lawn from disrepair, you could be another step closer to helping save the planet.  

See our whole range of organic lawn care products.   

4. Vegan and natural beauty products 

[caption id="attachment_929" align="aligncenter" width="300"]image of vegan and ethical betty hula gift products Betty Hula Vegan & Ethical Gifts and Body Products[/caption]

Most of us are aware that the beauty industry can be one of the least eco-friendly businesses around. Due to most of the products being made from unnatural chemicals and put into single use plastics, it can seem as if it is hard to look after your skin and not harm the earth. Luckily, there are a few companies that pride themselves not only on creating products made from organic (zero/nearly nil carbon emissions created when made), natural (not fabricated in a lab) and cruelty-free (not breeding animals for testing) ingredients but also packaging it in eco-friendly receptacles. Companies such as Green Angel and Betty Hula have a focus on making sure people can purchase from them knowing they are not harming the earth or animals in the process. 

Ready to make the switch to eco-friendly body care? Look no further than our Health & Beauty range. 

5. Natural Cleaners 

image of natural cleaning products

All parts of our households need cleaning, including our gardens. This is even when some of the most eco-friendly of us fall down. Using chemical heavy products to clean gardens and washing it away into your soil is going to damage your grass and the environment. Look for organic and natural cleaning products and where possible, make your own. Lemon, vinegar, salt and hot water are sometimes all you need to clean even some of the filthiest of areas.  

Our natural cleaning products smell amazing and rid your garden of nasties. 

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