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Top Tips For National Stress Awareness Day

We all suffer from stress from time to time but sometimes it can really get on top of us. When your body experiences a perceived or real threat, it pumps your system full of adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormone). When this happens, your body has a flight, fight or freeze reaction which does eventually calm over time. Unfortunately, frequent occurrences of these threats can lead to stress issues, especially when improperly treated or neglected. Serious and untreated stress can lead to physical and mental issues including anxiety attacks, insomnia and skin problems. Luckily, stress can be battled, and coping mechanisms can be put into place quickly.

Read through our tips for surviving stress to help you become equipped to handle whatever life throws at you.


Ecotherapy is a cheap and amazing way of getting physical and mental exercise whilst meditating and creating. At its core, Ecotherapy is simply taking part in activities outdoors and can be prescribed by the NHS for mental health issues and stress. Watching your plants, fruit and veg flourish can give you a deep sense of wellbeing as the hard work you put in usually pays off. Nurturing a garden patch whilst being in peaceful outdoor surroundings is a popular therapy for a lot of mental health issues and serious stress problems which you can prescribe for yourself in your own back garden! Spending even a small amount of time outdoors walking or watching animals can settle the mind quickly and having something like a bird house or a bug hotel invites animals and insects to your back garden which means you needn’t go far to get a slice of nature. Taking some time out in your garden can prepare your mind for life’s stresses and the more you partake in this type of therapy, the better equipped you can be in the future.

Starting a garden project like composting or a Wormery is a daily activity that you can monitor and will help with gardening in the long run. Also, living more sustainably will help you to feel more at one with the Earth whilst doing good for the environment.

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To stave off stress issues, people need to get regular physical exercise, no matter how light. We can sometimes be quite sedentary in our personal lives which means we need to make this time for ourselves and keep active. When you reach a happy place while exercising, your body releases endorphins (the happy hormone) which when released frequently can help battle against cortisol and adrenaline. Gardening, digging and sweeping your patio can be productive ways to release these hormones regularly. Tidying your garden in Autumn can be quite physically strenuous, which means you will be getting exercise whilst also being productive.

Yoga & Meditation

Due to the digital age being in full swing, it has never been easier to learn yoga. There are so many free YouTube channels that help viewers take some time for themselves and relax. Yoga is a brilliant way of getting exercise (perfect if the weather isn’t good enough for a walk) and teaches you how to breathe in a relaxing way. It can also assist in physical issues which can cause stress such as sciatica, arthritis and high blood pressure. The great thing about watching online at home is that you can dip in and out whenever you choose and whenever you need it.

Meditation apps for your phone and tablet can be quite cheap and help with a range of stress-related problems such as insomnia and anxiety. Learning to think differently and deal with what life throws at you can be an invaluable skill that you can pass on to others. Lighting candles and surrounding yourself with beautiful smells can mean the environment you meditate in becomes calming and relaxing instantly.

Taking time for yourself whether it is in the garden or at home is a valuable part of dealing with stress. Exercise and being outdoors are the best ways of getting through a tough period but if you engage regularly, your body will become used to happy hormones being created which battle stress chemicals when they are released. We can be complex creatures but luckily a lot of research has been done to help us easily navigate through harder times. On National Stress Awareness Day, why not practise some of the tips we have outlined and build up your defences against those perceived or real threats.

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