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What does Bokashi mean and how does it work in composting?

If you have been browsing our website and have come across our range of Bokashi products then you might be wondering what it’s actually about!

Allow us to help you gain more of an understanding on the workings of Bokashi within the composting world by answering a couple of questions.

What does Bokashi actually mean?

The term “Bokashi” originates from Japan that translates to mean ‘fermented organic matter’. Whilst it is often labelled as a type of composting, technically it is more accurately known as an anaerobic fermentation process of waste management. This results in providing different produce to that of a composter.

Why use a Bokashi product?

First of all, they are easy to use – all you need to get started is a Bokashi bucket or bin with a lid, Bokashi mix (bran) and organic food waste! And, as they come in different sizes, you can either do use one at home or on a large scale.

Another advantage is the fact that the end produce is generally free of unwelcomed odours and can be used as a type of fertiliser in your garden that is slow releasing.

Finally, you can use absolutely any kitchen waste including dairy and meat in your Bokashi which makes it the perfect partner in your kitchen!

If you would like to know more about our Bokashi products or just about the process itself please go to our Contact page and get in touch!


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