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Who needs the gym? Lose weight in the garden.

As our lives become busier, we look for more ways to make the most of our time. Large numbers of us get our shopping delivered to home and drive to work so we are outsourcing a lot of the tasks we used to do ourselves and missing out on valuable daily exercise. Many of us are time poor due to work or family commitments and may find it hard to make time for the gym or to go for a run. So how can we get that much needed physical activity and make the most of our time? Gardening could be the answer.

With most tasks in the garden burning over 200 calories an hour, this could be the perfect solution to being double productive with your time.

According to MyFitnessPal;

    • An 11 stone person raking the lawn for 30 minutes burns 136 calories


    • An 11 stone person taking part in general gardening for 60 minutes burns 272 calories


    • An 11 stone person shovelling dirt/compost for 60 minutes burns 422 calories!

Also, Web MD states that raking and bagging leaves can burn 350-400 calories an hour and mowing the lawn burns 250-300 calories an hour. These activities are necessities for garden upkeep and can be done all year round so are usually done regularly.

woman using wheelbarrow

If you want to boost these activities and burn even more calories another options would be to invest in a push lawnmower – not only is it better for the environment but you will get even fitter. Plus, the push-pull movement is great for your upper arm muscles, getting you toned at the same time!

Why not bring your plants to your garden from the car one by one instead of using a wheelbarrow? You could even try to get each one to the garden quicker than the next by racing yourself (or the kids) and you will use more steps and get more cardio exercise this way. Using hedge shears instead of an automatic hedge trimmer will not only burn calories but will also use all important back and core muscles.  If you find it hard to kneel for too long but still want the exercise we have a great range of kneelers and planters that are at a higher level so that you can save your back and knees.

Make the most of your time by doubling exercise with gardening and help weed away any stresses! Gardening is also said to help with stress, depression and anxiety as it is physical, and you can literally see your project grow. So, help your mental and physical health by getting out into the garden – let’s just hope the weather stays clear!

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