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What food waste can I put in a composter?  

With the recent news of suspended garden and food waste collections across the country, more and more of us are becoming understandably frustrated due to increasing interruptions to our daily lives. From the 30th March, many local councils have suspended their weekly collections in order to prioritise the collection of refuse and recycling. Rather than getting frustrated, this can be seen as a great reason to begin home composting - the most environmentally-friendly way of attending to kitchen and garden waste. With the weather warming up and the need for us to stay in our gardens and homes growing day-by-day, there couldn’t be a better time to start producing your very own natural compost or organic fertiliser for your garden.   

So, with local councils urging us to begin home composting as a cheap and easy alternative to the disposing of garden and food waste, we have decided to answer the question: what food waste can I put in a home composter?  

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Essential guide to keeping indoor plants alive

Indoor plants are a great way to introduce a touch of nature into your home and create an attractive and soothing atmosphere. As well as looking lovely, indoor plants can have a number of benefits according to the Royal Horticultural Society, including improved air quality, lower stress levels, and even reduced blood pressure and fatigue.

While there are plenty of reasons to bring the great outdoors inside, becoming a new plant parent may feel daunting, especially if you’re not green-fingered. Luckily, taking care of them doesn’t have to be hard. Here are our top tips for keeping your indoor plants alive and thriving.

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The most underrated foods for healthy living

We all know nutrition is key to a healthy body, and it seems like there isn’t a day that goes by without a new superfood being touted as the next essential part of a balanced diet. We all know which foods are synonymous with eating well, as well as which to avoid. But there are many staples of our meals which we might not realise are good for us, and a few more that we could do with treating our bodies to more often.

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Top 5 tips and environmental products to help you live a more sustainable life in 2020

Coming into 2020, many of us made resolutions to be more eco-aware and make environmentally friendly choices. If this was you, you may have started to make better choices by cutting out single use plastics, not creating as much food waste and installing a smart meter. You may now be ready for the next step and are looking for ways to up your eco game! 

We have put together our top 5 products (in no particular order) that will help you live a more sustainable life this year and beyond: 

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What makes a product ethical and sustainable?

As more of us adopt an eco-friendly way of living, sustainability is becoming an increasingly hot topic. The more we learn about how our lifestyle choices affect the environment, the more we want to change. It is also becoming easier to make these lifestyle adaptations from eating less meat to growing your own produce, and swapping harmful chemicals in products for sustainable alternatives.

However, it can be a struggle to find truly ethical and sustainable products because manufacturers don’t always explicitly name their ingredients, or use variations on ingredient names instead. We should be trying to use more natural alternatives, such as biodegradable wipes and washable cloths. But how do you identify which cosmetic companies are doing an honest job of making sure their work is good for the planet?

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Natural oils you need to live your best life

Natural oils you need to live your best life

Using organic health and beauty products is an easy way to live a more sustainable and ethical life and, in addition to giving your conscience a boost, this commitment can make you look and feel better than ever. These products can have huge benefits to your beauty regimen, all while being totally chemical-free.

This is down to the presence of natural oils, which affect everything from hydration to inflammation, and can be found in body moisturisers, lip balms and more. So whether you want smooth, soft skin or long, luscious hair, here are ten natural oils you need to introduce to your beauty regime ASAP.

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Want to make your beauty regime more sustainable? Here's what you need to know

The climate crisis continues to be at the forefront of public discussion, and many of us are combatting this by adopting a more sustainable way of living. Though you may be improving your recycling habits and avoiding single-use plastic, it’s easy to forget that your everyday health and beauty products may be harming the environment. As a result, commodities containing natural, environmentally-friendly ingredients are becoming more popular with consumers, which means there’s no excuse for sticking to unethical products.

To help you update your beauty regime in the name of sustainability, we’ve highlighted the most harmful ingredients and how you can avoid them.


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Things to do to help you beat the blues this Blue Monday

Although it is not an officially recognised awareness day, Blue Monday usually falls on the third Monday of January (the 20th this year). According to life coach and psychologist Cliff Arnall, this day highlights a mood drop that some feel during the first month of the year due to a mix of things such as post-Christmas credit card bills, lack of daylight hours and the end of festivities. If you are feeling the effects of January Blues this month and want to pull yourself through to a positive mindset, our ideas guide for Blue Monday and beyond may help.

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Using Bokashi Bran, Bins & Buckets

Bokashi Bran, Bins & Buckets can be an amazing and inexpensive way to aid composting your kitchen waste as it can break down foods that traditionally take a very long time to decompose. Whilst this process is incredibly helpful, it is a science that needs some care and the right information before starting. Once you have the correct facts, bokashi composting can be a doddle so we have put together a guide on bokashi buckets, bokashi bran and bokashi bins so that you can make the right choices.

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