Bokashi Composting

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What is bokashi composting?

Bokashi composting is a process that uses a specific mixture to ferment organic waste.

Instead of traditional composting, which relies on bacteria to break down the waste, bokashi composting uses a blend of beneficial microorganisms and bran to speed up the process, while preventing unpleasant smells. The result is a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be used to enrich soil and support plant growth. 

Not only does bokashi composting reduce landfill waste, but it also helps to conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the need for chemical fertilisers. If you're interested in trying bokashi composting for yourself, Original Organics has a great selection of bokashi bins, composting kits and bokashi bran, all of which come with free UK mainland delivery. If you'd like to learn more about bokashi composting, take a look at our bokashi composting guide.

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