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Hot Composters

Composting is the best and most efficient way to create garden fertiliser from domestic organic waste. However, the process can often take more time than you are willing to wait for it to complete. Thankfully, at Original Organics, we offer hot composters, which heat up their contents to a temperature which will break down your organic waste more quickly, giving you useable compost much faster than a regular compost bin. Items such as meat, bones and fish can also be added to hot composters.

Our hot composting bins also prevent the need to turn your compost, and are insulated to ensure that no heat is wasted, and no odours are omitted into your garden. Hot composting not only cuts down on time, but it cuts down on landfill, allowing you to be as green as your garden once you add your new home-mulched fertiliser. Explore our range of hot composting bins below.