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Hot Compost Bins

hot composting

What is hot composting?

Hot composting is a method of rapid decomposition that takes place at high temperatures. This decomposition is due to bacteria which is adapted to working at high temperatures in order to break down organic materials quickly and efficiently. Hot composting allows for the much faster production of large amounts of compost - well-managed piles can take as little as 3 months to be garden-ready!

Why use a hot composter?

Composting can often take more time than you’d like, but here at Original Organics, we offer hot composters that heat up your organic waste to help quickly break it down. This gives you useable compost much faster than a regular compost bin. By cutting landfill waste as well as time, you can be as green as your garden with your new natural fertiliser.

Other hot composting benefits include:

  1. Potential to add meat, bones, fish, eggboxes paper and card in moderation
  2. Little need to turn your compost
  3. All-year-round composting due to weatherproof insulation
  4. No odours or wasted heat
  5. Robust construction for a lifetime of use

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9 Items

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