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Indoor Composting

Reducing the amount of domestic waste you produce is essential for anyone who is looking to be eco-conscious and environmentally friendly in their day-to-day lives. Composting is the best way to put your money where your mouth is, but many people mistakenly think that it’s something they can only do in their gardens.

If anything, indoor composting might be even easier to get started with. By investing in an indoor compost bin, you can dispose of your kitchen and household waste and create a useful compost for use in your garden all year round.

What is indoor composting?

Traditional methods of composting require storing leaves, food waste, and other organic materials in a container, leaving them to decompose in well-aired and moist conditions. By contrast, methods of indoor composting like bokashi or worm composting provide air-tight environments which allow you to get rid of household waste in an eco-friendly way when the weather makes it harder to do outside. Not only that, but indoor composting bins are compact and designed to trap odour, making them ideal for kitchen use.

How do I start indoor composting?

Getting started depends on which method of indoor composting you’d prefer to try. It is possible to take a DIY approach and use empty containers you already have lying around the house, but there’s no guarantee you’d be able to prevent them from making the area you choose to keep it a little bit smelly.

Bokashi offers a slightly more failsafe method of indoor composting. If you’re interested in trying it out, we’d recommend investing in a small bokashi starter kit. This comes with special bran, which is made up of a probiotic culture that helps to decompose the contents of your bokashi bin without the need for water or air.

A wormery, meanwhile, provides a contained habitat for tiger worms. The enclosure is filled with your kitchen waste, which the worms will both live in and eat, turning your trash into an extremely effective compost and fertiliser.