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Leaf Mould Composters

Put all those autumn leaves to good use and make your own leaf mould compost. At Original Organics, we offer a wide range of leaf composters to give you the most efficient way to store your garden’s natural compostable materials. With your own leaf composter, you’ll never need to buy leaf mould again! Our collection of leaf composters come in all sizes, from single-unit composters which are around 400 litres, to a three-partitioned leaf composter which can hold up to 1900 litres of garden waste ready to be composted. All of our leaf mould products are designed to be of the highest quality. We only use pressure-treated, FSC-accredited British wood, with a natural timber finish.

Everything in our leaf mould compost range is also vacuum-treated and comes with a 15-year warranty.

The benefits of leaf mould composting

Unlike a regular compost bin, making leaf mould compost is done in an open container, with a mesh net holding your leaves in place. We offer leaf compost bins in a range of sizes, from the 1900 Triple Composter, which holds 1900 litres of compost, to single units like the 400 Blackdown Range Single Composter. And, should you find yourself composting more leaves than you expect, you can easily slot more of these single units together, giving you a bespoke way to create leaf mould compost from the comfort of your own garden.

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