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This is, and will remain, one of the guiding principles of our business :- ‘If we can’t always do good, we can at least ensure we minimise the bad we do’.

Recycled Materials
Many of our products use a high percentage of recycled materials. For example our composters are made from 100% recycled plastic and the plastic waste we produce is recycled into new compost bins. We guarantee these composters for an industry unique period of 12 years and know of numerous composters still in active use after 25+ years!

We manufacture them by the slow, gentle and relatively environmentally friendly and efficient process of rotational moulding.

This is unusual as virtually all of our competitors sub contract manufacture to big plastics companies which make by injection or blow moulding. By making our own, we can always keep excellent control on quality. We are composting specialists who happen to make high quality composters out of recycled plastic, rather than a large plastics company which happens to offer composters as part of its product range.

We also minimise on our use of packaging and re-use packaging where possible. Virtually all of the packaging that accompanies products and deliveries into our office and factory is reused to package customer orders.

We use the heat generated by our Rotational Moulding machines to part-head our factory, this saving on unnecessary electricity and/or gas.

Food Waste
All of the food waste generated on site is composted either in our Wormery, Bokashi Bucket or Compost Bin. We recycle packaging and aluminium cans etc... just as we do at home.

Office Paper Use
We try to be as paperless as we possibly can in our office. Where not possible we encourage and promote the use of recycled paper. We make use of modern technology for internal communication and to run as much of the day-to-day operations as possible to minimise the amount of printing and ensure no paper wastage.

We recycle as much of our paper / incoming mail / envelopes as possible.

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