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Bird Houses & Bird Nesting Boxes

Provide a safe place for birds to roost and nest and enjoy the visits of beautiful avian species attracted to your garden as a result. Our top of the range bird houses, nests and boxes will provide ideal nesting spots for a wide variety of species, and all are low-cost and easy to install. Take our discounted Oval Roosting Pocket, which offers an extremely cost-effective way of providing a nesting cavity or roost cavity for small bird, and is also able to shelter small mammals like wood mice and harvest mice. At the other end of the scale, our Camouflage Cabin Nester provides a durable home for small birds that blends in perfectly with your garden, yet still gives you plenty of bang for your buck. With a number of other bird nests and boxes in between, you’ll be spoilt for choice when looking for an affordable way to host birds of all types in your garden.