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Plant Food & Fertilisers

To give your garden the best chance of blossoming into its full potential, you’ll need to give your greenery plenty of plant food and fertilisers. This helps to maintain nutrient-rich soil, which in turn provides your plants with everything they need to flourish and stay healthy.

Whether you’re looking to grow herbs, vegetables or flowers, our range of organic plant food and fertilisers is sure to help you nurture a thriving assortment of plant life.


As well as chlorophyll, light, CO2 and water, plants need additional nutrients in order to photosynthesise and feed themselves. And though plants use the nutrients and minerals which are already present in soil to help them achieve this, after a while the soil needs external fertiliser — otherwise known as plant food — to replenish these depleted nutrients. So when you buy fertiliser, it is actually food for the soil, which the plant will then use to feed itself.


Plants require 16 different elements in order to grow, develop and stay healthy:

  • Sourced by air, water and soil: Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen
  • Macronutrients sourced by soil and fertilisers: Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium 
  • Secondary nutrients sourced by soil and fertilisers: Calcium, magnesium and sulfur 
  • Micronutrients sourced by soil and fertilisers: Boron, chlorine, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc


Here at Original Organics, we sell a wide range of organic plant food and fertilisers — which originate from plant or animal sources, rather than being grown in a laboratory — that permeate soil with the nutrients your soil needs. This includes everything from tomato and potato feed, to different types of fertiliser, such as worm castings and seaweed plant food. Browse our collection today for all of your plant feeding needs. 

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