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Plant Protection and Support

Give your plants the best growing environment with our Plant Support and Protection products, such as our Grow Bag Canes Support Set and Bamboo Shots. The former is a useful support frame for plants in grow bags, whilst the latter product is perfect to support beans, peas, tomatoes and more in the garden. Our Sunny Growing Tunnel can support and protects your plants.

Enabling you to create a microclimate to accelerate their growth, this has the dual function of protecting them from both the elements and pests. The Graf Sunny Forcing Cloche is another product that will both keep your plants safe and support them—it will cover them and by collecting rainwater will also ensure they are kept watered if you go away. We also sell a number of other products just as adept at simply protecting your plants, like fleece covers/jackets and heavy duty weed guard. Browse our full range below.