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Lawn Fertilisers & Lawn Feed

Lawn fertilisers and feed are products containing a variety of nutrients, which help to maintain your lawn’s thick, green lushness by enriching the soil. Correct use of lawn fertiliser will keep your lawn in good condition and encourage strong, dense grass growth. And not only does it improve your lawn’s appearance, but can also help it recover from the effects of harsh weather, as well as wear and tear. Providing a slow release of nutrients over a twelve-week period, our range of organic lawn fertilisers can help restore your lawn’s lustre.

Original Organics’ range of fertilisers are safe for use around children, so when your little ones are running about in the garden, you can be confident that they won’t get exposed to any nasties during outdoor playtime. What’s more, some of the collection is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society — the UK’s leading gardening charity. This can instill confidence that your products are good, high quality items. Shop our range of lawn fertilisers today to ensure your garden grows successfully.

What should you feed your lawn?

The best lawn feeds provide protection from weeds, while also feeding the grass, and our organic lawn fertilisers continue improving the quality of your soil long after application. While many fertilisers contain potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen as base ingredients, it’s best to avoid products with too much of the latter, as it can deplete soil of nutrients and destroy some plant species altogether.

Our Nature Safe Lawn Feed stimulates micro-organisms in the soil due to its high sugars and proteins, while also feeding, thickening and enriching the soil. It can be applied between March and October, the optimum months for lawn growth thanks to the weather, and treatment should be repeated every four weeks for maximum effect. Our MO Bacter Organic fertilisers, meanwhile, not only feeds your lawn, but also eliminates moss and weeds.

When do you need to feed your lawn?

For a rich, green lawn, we recommend applying fertiliser between March and October. Ideally, you should use these products four times a year, as part of your regular garden maintenance. A good fertiliser schedule should be: once in early spring, twice between May and July, and one final application in late autumn.

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  1. Viano Green Comfort Organic Universal Lawn Feed 20kg Bag
    Viano Green Comfort Organic Universal Lawn Feed 20kg Bag
    £50.99 £42.49
    Out of stock
  2. Lawn Fertiliser Spreader
    Lawn Fertiliser Spreader
    £16.49 £13.74
    Out of stock
  3. 4Kg Plant Based Organic Fertiliser for Plants & Vegetables
    4Kg Plant Based Organic Fertiliser for Plants & Vegetables
    £29.99 £24.99
    Out of stock
  4. Autumn Lawn Treatment
    Autumn Lawn Treatment
    £35.50 £29.58
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  5. RHS Viano Lawn Care MO Bacter Organic Lawn Fertiliser 20kg Bag
    RHS Viano Lawn Care MO Bacter Organic Lawn Fertiliser 20kg Bag
    £65.99 £54.99
    Out of stock
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