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Garden Insecticides

Insects can wreak havoc on our gardens. They can damage our plants and spread plant diseases, and even use our gardens to get into our homes. But you don’t have to live with this pain—stop bugs and other insects from irritating you with our garden insecticides. Attach our Fruit Tree Grease Band to a lemon tree, cherry tree or any other fruit tree you have to stop ants, caterpillars, moths and more from climbing up the trees and laying eggs. For your greenhouse, our Greenhouse Insect Catcher is an effective garden insect killer that will stop creepy crawlies attacking your plants. As well as garden insecticides, we also sell a range of domestic insecticides. This includes: ● Sticky Strips Fly Killer ● Fito Spider and Bug Buster ● Plant Sticks Insect Repeller Protect your garden and your home from insects with Original Organics’ range of insecticides.