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Mouse & Rat Repellents

Nobody wants mice and rats running about their house. Damage to furnishings, droppings and—much more seriously—the fire hazards that can potentially be caused by chewed wiring are just some of problems rodents can cause. However, our range of rodent control products will ensure you won’t have to face any of these problems ever again. Take our Multi Catch Mouse Trap as an example. This is ideal in that it won’t actually harm any mice, but can catch up to four of them so that you can easily remove the rodents from your property. We also sell Mouse & Rat Attractant for Traps to boost your catch success rate. Also available are mice and rat repellents that make sure rodents do not come to your property in the first place, emitting ultrasonic waves to drive them away. They are safe to use around children and pets and also do not disrupt any other electronics around the house. Make a rodent problem a problem of the past with Original Organics.