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Potato Planters and Seed Potatoes

Growing your own potatoes is easier than ever—you don’t even need a garden, just enough space on a patio or balcony for a grow bag or planter. Here at Original Organics, our great range of potato planters and grow bags will see you enjoying a crop of homegrown potatoes in no time. We sell a number of different 40L grow bags, each with pockets allowing easy access to harvest your potatoes. Both our Green and White Potato Grow Bags also come with handles and drainage holes, whilst our Botanico Let's Grow Potato Spud Bag has two separate sections for even simpler access. Also available is our Platform Potato Planter, which mimics the layering process to provide potatoes with maximum light. All of the features of our potato grow bag and planters make it simpler than ever for you to grow your own spuds.