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Planters & Pots

Original Organics has an extensive range of quality planters and pots to hold your flowers and plants, and set your garden apart. We’ve got something for plants of all sizes, that cater to budgets and tastes of all kinds. If you’re looking for classy planters then you’ve come to the right place. We sell many elegant planters and plant pots, like our ornamental Moroccan and decorative conical-shaped Trojan Planters, helping you give your garden a stylish look without breaking the bank. For those wanting something a bit more understated and even more budget-friendly, we also stock a number of more basic looking garden planters. Our Blacksmith Tubs and Ascot Terracotta Planter fall in to this bracket, enabling you to decorate your garden for less. We even sell hand painted pig and cow garden planters to bring a bit of fun to your outdoor space. However you want it decorated, Original Organics’ planters range will help you design your dream garden.