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Garden Tools & Equipment

Garden Tools & Equipment

Gardening is a rewarding hobby, but can also be particularly hard work, with dedication and maintenance essential for keeping your garden looking beautiful. That’s why you need the right tools to work with.

Our range of garden tools provides green-fingered experts and first-time pruners alike with everything they need, including hand tools like shears and forks, and power tools, as well as mowers and lawn edging devices. We also offer a range of useful garden tidying equipment, such as leaf blowers, brooms and electric shredders.

For moving large loads like wood and heavy compost, our garden trollies and carts are an ideal solution, while garden kneelers will prevent your knees from feeling too achy while you’re down in the weeds. With equipment suitable for both beginners and professional landscapers, there’s something for everyone in our extensive collection of affordable garden tools.

How should I store my garden tools?

All of your garden tools should be stored in a cool place like a garden shed, as heat can cause the handles of your tools to warp and crack. You should also be sure to keep your gardening equipment dry, as moisture is the main cause of rust and rot on your tools. This is especially important for electrical equipment, which is especially sensitive to the elements. Hang your garden tools on peg boards to keep them off the floor, and organise your equipment and accessories using wooden pallets.

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