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Squirrel Feeders

Here at Original Organics, our wooden Squirrel Feeders offer a great way to provide food to wild squirrels, all the while preventing them from feeding and damaging bird feeders. You can choose between either our Squirrel Hotel Feeding Station or Wooden Squirrel Feeder products, with the former a readily-assembled feeder that would hang easily in your garden. Ideal as a gift for either adults or kids, it comes with an all-important wire hanger and feeding platform.

The Wooden Squirrel Feeder is made from cedar, larch and oak and has a huge capacity to hold peanuts and other squirrel snacks. Able to be hung on trees, posts, pergolas or walls, squirrels will go nuts for this classy and sturdy feeder.

Both our squirrel feeders are available at discount prices, giving you the opportunity to provide for your furry friends without breaking the bank.