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Here at Original Organics, we have taken the time to ensure our range of bodycare products has been sourced ethically, sustainably and, where possible, organically. Everything is made from natural ingredients, and most packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable. Whether for your face or body, our range of organic health and beauty products will keep your skin in excellent condition. With everything from soaps and shower gels, to oils and creams, we have everything you could possibly need for your health and beauty regime.

What is an organic health and beauty lifestyle?

Living organically means taking care to only use products made from high-grade, organically sourced ingredients. While some health and beauty products are marketed as ‘natural’, that doesn’t necessarily make them organic. Although they contain natural ingredients, they may still have been sprayed with agricultural chemicals or herbicides.  Learn about other ways to make your life more organic and sustainable

What are the benefits of organic health and beauty products?

Using organic health and beauty products reduces the number of chemicals that individuals will come into contact with every day. These have been linked to dermatological issues, and even cancer, the risks of which can be massively reduced by using organic alternatives.

Secondly, organic health and beauty products are better for the environment. Inorganic products are chemical-heavy, and these can enter the air and water after use. This has the potential to harm people, animals, and the natural world in general. Organic alternatives spare us from this. 

Standout organic health and beauty brands

Original Organics are proud to stock products from two of the UK’s top organic health and beauty brands, Green Angel and Bettyhula. 

Green Angel 

Green Angel was founded in 2006, and integrates thalassotherapy (use of seawater and seaweed) and aromatherapy (use of essential oils) in its range of products. These range from body oils and facial exfoliators, to hand wash products and shower gels.


Manufactured in the UK, Bettyhula sells handmade, beauty products with exotic Hawaiian-inspired scents. Using only natural ingredients and avoiding animal testing, Bettyhula products are great for both your skin and the environment. Its extensive range includes anti-bacterial hand cream, talc-free dusting powder, and bath salts.

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