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Body Moisturisers

Revitalise your skin with Original Organics’ collection of natural body moisturisers. Our range of organically-sourced lotions, oils, and creams will deeply nourish and hydrate your skin, leaving it soft and fragrant.

What are organic body moisturisers?

Although some body moisturisers are promoted as being ‘natural’, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re organic. They could still contain undesirable chemicals, which are bad for both your body and the environment. Conversely, our organic body moisturisers use ingredients made without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms, herbicides, synthetic fertilisers and more.

Here at Original Organics, all of our bodycare products are made from high-quality, natural ingredients. These contain a lot more antioxidants than non-organic products, making them much better for your skin. 

Organic body lotions

We stock organic body lotions from some of the UK’s best health and beauty brands, helping your skin be at its best. Green Angel’s Organic Seaweed Body Lotion, for example, can naturally balance your skin’s pH level, and provides an antioxidant boost that promotes the growth of new skin cells. As they are water-based, lotions are particularly adept at penetrating and moisturising dry skin.

Organic body oils

Due to their nourishing effects, these oils are more suited to those with acne-driven skin. However, they can also control oily skin by reducing the natural production of sebum, a waxy substance secreted by your skin glands.

Our collection of cruelty free and vegan body oils include products like the Secret Wonder Oil, which helps reduce blemishes and treat skin conditions. Made by Bettyhula, who produces Hawaiian-scented bodycare products using natural ingredients like grapeseed oil, vitamin E and hemp oil, this will reinvigorate your skin and help you look and feel radiant.