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Igloo Hedgehog Home

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The Wicker Igloo Hedgehog Shelter acts as a safe haven for hedgehogs and other small mammals, protecting them from the various hazards presented by modern living, such as garden tools, pets, and predators like badgers and foxes. Unlike compost heaps or bonfires, which can put hedgehogs in danger with garden tools or flames, this igloo provides a secure and dependable solution. 

Made with a circular painted steel frame and a waterproof, felted roof, this shelter is coated with a brushwood finish and decorated with rattan bands, making it both robust and fashionable. Since it is made of natural materials, its appearance may vary depending on environmental factors and seasonal availability.

Notably, this Hedgehog Igloo provides more room than the Hogitat and is built to accommodate entire family groups, such as mothers and hoglets. Its small entrance tunnel has been precisely crafted to deter predators such as badgers and dogs. Although it is mostly intended for shelter, it can also function as a hibernation site if additional brushwood coverage is provided during the winter.

Because hedgehogs are wild animals, it is crucial to cover the hedgehog houses during the winter to provide insulation. It is recommended that the houses are only checked and maintained once a year, preferably in early summer.

To optimize effectiveness, it is advisable to place the Igloo inside a cover, shielded from prevailing winds. Foliage or leaves may be piled around the house for added camouflage, and cut short lengths of dry grass or leaves may be placed inside as nesting materials, which can be anchored down for added security if required.

It should be noted that Rattan or natural brushwood-style hedgehog houses with an open bottom are not appropriate for Hedgehog Rescue Centres. Instead, wooden Hedgehog Houses are recommended, where the roof can be opened to check on or inspect recuperating hedgehogs.

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