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Dog Beds

Here at Original Organics we know you want to provide your beloved pets with sustainable, green, high-quality dog beds because being good to planet earth is important to you. Thankfully, with these 100% recycled dog beds, you don't have to sacrifice style to stay green. Love the environment as much as you love your furry friend with an eco-friendly dog bed.

We know our dogs are already superheroes but by sleeping in a dog bed made from recycled plastics they help the fight against climate change and pollution by simply taking a nap. But shouldn’t they be comfortable while doing so? Our dog beds are made for all types of dogs. Dogs that love curling up or sprawling out, whether they dig before resting or prefer to circle before finding that perfect spot. Our dog beds – like your dogs – come in various shapes and sizes to ensure your pooch enjoys the upmost comfort they both need and deserve.

Danish Design

Proudly using 100% recycled fibre in the manufacture of their beds, Danish Design use recycled PET flake which is produced by shredding plastic bottles. These bottles are cleansed and heated to produce a liquid that is passed through a sieve to create a thread that forms a unique fibre when cooled. By switching to PET recycled fibre around eight million plastic bottles a year are stopped from reaching the oceans, landfill and our natural environment.

Whether it's a pug, beagle or golden retriever, your dog will rest and sleep in comfort with our dog beds while helping save the environment too.

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  1. Danish Design Small Cooling Mattress
    Danish Design Small Cooling Mattress
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  2. Danish Design Medium Cooling Mattress
    Danish Design Medium Cooling Mattress
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