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Storage Boxes

Your house and garden possessions come in a range of shapes and sizes, which is why your storage boxes need to be just as versatile. Whether you’re keen to bring some order to your chaotic kitchen, or need a garage storage box to keep your gardening gear out of the way, you’re sure to find a solution with our wide variety of products. Life is always easier when you’re organised, so why not explore our storage box collection today?

Perfect plastic storage boxes for the home

Our sleek storage chests and boxes can be slid under the bed, arranged in cupboards or even stacked on top of each other. The best-selling Transparent Storage Box with Lid is just what you need to help tackle any unnecessary clutter in your home, and also comes in a number of sizes. Meanwhile, prevent your kids from losing or breaking their toys with an adorable Childrens Storage Chest Trunk

Outdoor order with our garden storage boxes

Your garage is probably full of things you want to keep out of your garden. You may have tools that could be harmful to children, or smelly bird food and wellies you’d rather keep out of sight. Our Storage Box on Wheels is essential for moving heavy belongings from place to place, while a series of Compartment Trays can be slid into a storage box to help arrange any smaller items.